Sonic Unleashed is the latest game in the acclaimed (but recently dogged) Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Featuring the all-new "Hedgehog Engine" - built ground up for the titular Hedgehog - the game was promised to be the franchise's return to form. So how does it stack up? As this review from A+B+Start explains, there's some good, some bad... and some infuriating. Read on for the full review.

There are three parts to Sonic Unleashed. The first is the daytime gameplay, in which Sonic blasts madly around beautiful locales at frightening speeds. That part is good. The second is the nighttime gameplay, in which Sonic inexplicably turns into a large, lumbering "Werehog" that plays like God of War but without any of the fun. The third is the manifestation of Sega's unbridled hatred for their fans. That's right, folks: Sega *bleep*ing hates you.
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    Play ISDF Dec 4, 08
    I got through the majority of it then just got sick of reading it. Seriously, these critics are just never happy with Sonic anymore. When it was Sonic The Hedgehog (360) that came out, people were practically screaming "Go back to the old days of 2D". Now this game has done that, but left some 3D aspects in there for those who liked it and some brawler aspects for people who might like that. That guy pretty much bitches that it's exactly like the old days of 2D Sonic in the 2D bits. "I can't see those spikes coming cause this is my first run through the game!". Last I checked if you got someone who hasn't played Sonic 3 & Knuckles to try going through say the Death Egg level, they wouldn't have a clue what's coming either and would die a bunch of times. That's like any 2D game of Sonic, it becomes reflex with avoiding spikes and the like, and it's the speed that makes it hard to do. People wanted that back, Sega gave them a bit of it, now people are whining.

    Seriously, there's just no pleasing some people.
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      black doom Dec 4, 08
      Modern games are easy Andrew. People want easy things that make them feel good about themselves.
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    Barmy Brat Dec 4, 08
    Play: Cheap deaths were not a dime a dozen in the old Sonic games. If you died - even in the Death Egg - it was because you screwed up. In Sonic Unleashed, you'll die more often from poor level design and object placement than you will from your own mistakes. Consider the Holoska example, where you're forced to boost, but boosting means you can't possibly react to what's coming and you WILL die several times over through no fault of your own. That's poor level design.

    BD: Not the case at all. As the review says, actual challenge in a game is something I welcome. But when a game is throwing instant death-traps at you with no possible way of avoiding them, it's artificial difficulty. I don't want a game where I breeze through every level, but I do want a game where I die by my own shortcomings, not from Sonic Team's poor object placement.
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    Ammy and Issun Dec 4, 08
    Sonic Unleashed is actually pretty good, 'cept for the fact that the Sun levels were WAY better than the Moon levels and there was Bundles of Moon levels, i just got bored of playing it and turned it off after the 36th moon level
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    duker nuker Dec 4, 08
    A werehog just sounds plain dumb to be honest -_-, I really don't want to know what the third manifestation is, I mean really, why can't they just let Sonic be? Why do they have to ruin him
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    Peek_a_buu Dec 4, 08
    Okay, there's one thing I don't get about the Werehog. Since Sonic's been cursed and "unleashed" into Werehog form, how come the only thing that changes is his character design? Because from what I've seen in the cutscenes Sonic is like "Oh no, I've become a Werehog! Oh well, off I go, dum de dum de dum".
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      black doom Dec 5, 08
      I could tell you but that could be viewed as a spoiler. Ask me over PM.
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    ikemaster Dec 5, 08
    this game makes mario look silly

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