With the "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" trilogy over and done with by the end of the last console generation, Ubisoft recognized the need to refresh the series for its next-gen debut. "Prince of Persia" is the franchise's first tentative steps towards gaming perfection, with beautiful locales, tight and responsive controls and enthralling combat adding to the appeal of this already remarkable franchise. But a few troublesome flaws hold the game back, as this review from A+B+Start explains.

The Prince of Persia franchise rose to fame during the last console generation, where its unique take on the platforming genre and interesting time-control mechanics were met with rounds of applause from critics and fans alike. With that story all wrapped up by the end of the trilogy, it was time for a reboot and a fresh direction for the first next-gen installment. Prince of Persia, for the 360 and PS3, is a clean start for the franchise that lays the foundations for future greatness, but falls short of legendary status itself.
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