Microsoft, Sony, and Capcom have all come together to duke it out in a three way tournament of Street Fighter IV. Each publisher will have a community leader that will lead a group of 20 people that sign up for the event (which means you can sign up), into the tournament. Details below.

It's like something out of a fanboy fantasy land. At next year's CES, there will be a Street Fighter IV tournament. In which Capcom, Microsoft and Sony will select champions, then do battle.

For real. They will fight, you will take sides, shit will get real.

Each publisher's community leader - Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb for Microsoft, Jeff Rubenstein for Sony and Seth Killian for Capcom - will be there, and they'll be leading teams of 20 (with contestants drawn from people like you) in a three-way festival of dick-swinging, name-taking and all around shit-talkery.

CES is due to take place January 8-11 in Vegas. Further details on how you sign up for this apocalyptic event to come.
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  • 0
    Shattered Dec 25, 08
    LMAO. This should be hilarious.

    Someone better as hell record this.
  • 0
    ZaikXory Dec 26, 08
    OH DAMN!!! Some shit is seriously gonna go down!
  • 0
    Dramon Knight Dec 26, 08
    Epic, they finally come to a true showdown, and what better way to do it than with Street Fighter, eh?
  • 0
    HisServant77 Dec 26, 08
    Haha I love that. Unfortunately I've little desire to watch the thing or care much about the outcome. But I love the idea of companies and all that competing in tournaments and all that. I prefer that type of competing than the whole console war and belittling the other company in the news and all that, that seems to go on.

    'Tis a shame though that the winner will have all sorts of their fanboys in a huge ego-trip afterward though.
  • 2
    RabidChinaGirl Dec 26, 08
    That's so hilarious. Kudos to the companies for having the sense of humor to pull something like this. XD I'm focused on the fact that they'd put the effort into this event, not the psycho fanboys that inevitably start ruining things.
    • 0
      HisServant77 Dec 26, 08
      I agree there It'd be nice to see several more of these later on
  • 0
    InnerDemon Dec 26, 08
    I wonder what system they will play on. D:
    • 0
      StabWound Dec 26, 08
      Probably an arcade cabinet.
    • 0
      HisServant77 Dec 26, 08
      haha, good question!

      Maybe their competitor's system, or their own.
      • 0
        Ameer Dec 27, 08
        When I first read this I thought that Microsoft and Sony would be using their own control inputs.
  • 0
    Shinobi_razor Dec 27, 08
    shit, cousin! i wanna be on Major's team!!!

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