Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaws last review of 2008 is here, which is of the new Prince of Persia game.

Also, if you're a fan of Zero Punctuation, check out The year in review - 2008. A collection of his favourite and funny lines, from his 2008 reviews. Heres to 2009.

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    dmf_dynasty Dec 31, 08
    I love that man. So much.
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    RabidChinaGirl Dec 31, 08
    That's the first time a Yahtzee review has made me want a game. Well, want to try it, at the very least.
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      chautemoc Dec 31, 08
      It's the first time I've seen him be at all merciful, really. Hehe.
      • 1
        Storm Dec 31, 08
        He's done it in a few reviews, actually, admitting that some games are fun and such, but yeah Yahtzee is giving this game a good amount of props.
      • 0
        Slumpy monkey Dec 31, 08
        He praised portal, that's the only other time I have seen him praise a game.
      • 1
        TurMoiL911 Dec 31, 08
        Off the top of my head, I remember him actually enjoying the Orange Box (mainly for Portal), Call of Duty 4, and Painkiller.

        I distinctly remember Painkiller because of the gun that shoots shuriken and lightning.
        • 0
          Miss Razz Dec 31, 08
          Don't forget Silent Hill 2.

          One of his videos had a list of his favorite games. I can't remember which video it was, but SH2 was placed 2nd(?) on it.
        • 0
          metalhead4105 Dec 31, 08
          My personal favorite from Painkiller was the Stake Gun
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    kspiess Dec 31, 08
    THat dude is just too funny.
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    Killosity Dec 31, 08
    Yahtzee is underappreciated and somewhat unseen within the internet. He is fantastic and well spoken. I only hope he can get himself more credibility and mention in the future.

    Has anyone purchased his Merchandise from the Escapist store? Im thinking about it.
    • 0
      Bale Fire Jan 2, 09
      He is definitely not underseen, he gets 4 million views on average every week.
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    Archangel Jan 1, 09
    I think this has been one of his funnier ones to date. The whole cumming grass seeds and exploding nipples had me laughing for quite some time.

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