Home has been critizided by many as pretty much being useless. Well some large companies think other wise. Some companies such as Ernst & Young, and Microsoft (yes the company that has attacked Home more then once) is using Home for virtual meetings. Stating that this is a much better way because they don't have to travel long distances to meet. Even Harvard professors have been using Home for virtual classrooms.

Though it has its moments, PlayStation Home has largely failed to win the heart of both the players and the press. The connection issues and the general obfuscation of otherwise simple functions, like forming parties and joining games, have pushed away PS3 gamers looking for an equivalent to Xbox Live. However, Sony's online environment is apparently finding a, well, "home" with some enterprise users, as a number of corporations are exploring the use of Home for digital meetings.

GAAP Web is reporting that Ernst & Young is spear-heading an initiative to test out Sony's social community service for live digital meetings. Other companies on board with the test include Merrill Lynch and even Sony's fierce competitor Microsoft, which has no comparable service built into its Xbox 360 console aside from peer-to-peer video chat.

Harvard professors have taught classes within the digital world, people have found their spouses (and subsequently divorced them) online, and virtual land has sparked real-world legal battles. Large-scale public demonstrations have even occurred, such as a recent digital protest against the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip—a protest which has elicited powerful emotions from the community as the protest went beyond mere text chat to the creation of an actual in-game memorial draped in real-world pictures and Palestinian flags.
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  • 0
    Red 9 Jan 2, 09
    I'm not planning on having meetings, so Home is still quite useless to the masses.
    • 0
      Gamesta100 Jan 3, 09
      Wow I never knew you were the masses
  • 0
    Duality_18 Jan 2, 09
    I think its funny non the less. Imagine colleges renting out ps3's to its students for online classes
  • 2
    Goldva_X Jan 2, 09
    Think of it like this: At least the loudmouth 12 year olds can brag to their equally dumb friends in real life on how they totally banged that chick, who is probably a man with a wife and 2 kids in real life.
    • 0
      redneonfish Jan 2, 09
      Urgh, that really annoys me about Home. As if people, even kids don't understand that the "girl" is either a man, and if it is a girl. She's virtual. I mean, how you can say someone is "sexy" if you've never seen them in any other guise than virtual?
  • 1
    Gamesta100 Jan 2, 09
    I think it's cool that Sony's competitors are using Home to have meetings.
    • 0
      Final Blade Jan 2, 09
      Yeah, I just find it ironic they bash the thing calling it a SL clone then use it.
  • 1
    EOM Bassist Jan 2, 09
    Wow, just shows that Home is useful for some things, eh? About time some people used it for something useful anyway, opposed to males running around posing as barely dressed women asking for sex.
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    Bale Fire Jan 2, 09
    Home is kind of a step up from Messenger and such, it allows you to react in more ways (emotes, text, voice etc). So I can understand why companies would use it.
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    Slumpy monkey Jan 2, 09
    LPF, Home wasn't used for the Harvord lectures, that section is talking about Second life.

    You cut that part out of the article preview. Why?

    I doubt home has found people spouses, and divorced them. Nor has it sparked legal battles. Neither was their a protest with Palestinian flags in home, that section is clearly talking about second life.

    Come on LPF, try not to twist your articles, your normally a good Gamer grep submitter.

    Edit- Also Microsoft is not using Home for meetings. Microsoft is PART of a project which looks at how virtual communities(not just home) can be used to lower carbon emissions from flying from place to place.

    Ernst & young( who are also a part of the project) are going to have a trial meeting in home. So I don't know where all this malarkey of Microsoft using home as a way to hold meetings came from.
    • 0
      Sayyed Jan 2, 09
      I just skimmed through the article. And the microsoft thing comes from teh alt. scource.
    • 0
      Final Blade Jan 3, 09
      I read two more articles similar to this on different sites, and they all say the same that companies using home for virtual meetings as is Microsoft. So until you can provide a source stating otherwise from the companies mouth, I'll take it with a grain of salt.
      • 1
        Slumpy monkey Jan 3, 09
        Well there all reporting wrong.

        Take a look at the actual source at GAAP web. It only mentions ernst web using home as well as some UK financial service companies.

        And goes on to say how its part of a project as I explained earlier. Which MS is a part of. MS is not conducting trials within home.
        • 0
          Red 9 Jan 3, 09
          So basically Home is still useless? Yeah, go figure.
        • 0
          Bale Fire Jan 3, 09
          Man give it a rest Red, Home isn't a completly useless. I enjoy using it.
        • 0
          Red 9 Jan 3, 09
          Rest taken.

          I can never launch online games. Which games are compatible with that feature? If I could use it I bet I'd be in Home a lot more.
  • 2
    StarJet Jan 5, 09
    Hah, finally the bubble has burst. Microsoft doesn't use it for their business meetings. This is a pile of rubbish.
    I just don't know why people actually believed this.

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