A Cosplayer's boyfriend creates an amazing life-size portal gun to go along with her costume. Fans of Portal (also known as the Greatest Game Ever Made) will drool over the images provided in the source.

A portal gun my boyfriend made for my Aperture Science Test Subject costume.

It lights up both blue and orange along the tube, in the barrel, and in the "indicator light" on top. The light switch is a two-way toggle in the back by the handle. It's 22" long including the prongs and weighs about 15 lbs.

For any inquiries about the prop, permissions, commissions, etc., please write to volpinprops [at] gmail [dot] com.
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  • 2
    Seproth Jan 21, 09
    That actually looks really good.

    If I saw that, I'd pick it up and half expect it to work.
    • 0
      HisServant77 Jan 22, 09
      Haha, Yeah really!

      Looks very good, I wonder how well the workings of it are
  • 1
    RabidChinaGirl Jan 21, 09
    Holy shit. I'd *bleep*ing marry that guy, were I her.
  • 0
    Shadow of Death Jan 22, 09
    It DOES look pretty spiffy.

    Looks a lot like the real portal gun (going by memory).
  • 2
    Machienzo Jan 22, 09
    Remember to warn her not to touch the operation end of the device, not to look in the operational end of the device or submerge the device in liquid even partially. Finally, under no circumstances should she *bzzt*.
    • 1
      Seproth Jan 22, 09
      Hmmm...Feed it after midnight?
  • 0
    Nagare Jan 22, 09
    epic all I can say. I wish I could have it just as a "trophy of sorts"
  • 0
    Storm Jan 22, 09
    ...Astounding. Pretty damn detailed, too.
  • 0
    Sayyed Jan 22, 09
    Freaking awesome. And so damn well made.
  • 0
    Killosity Jan 22, 09
    That is surprisingly astounding. Very well made.

    • 0
      Absolute Jan 22, 09
      It's just....wow. Seconded.

      DO WANT.
  • 0
    metalhead4105 Jan 22, 09
    Wow, thats awesome. I would love to have one of those.
  • 1
    Red 9 Jan 22, 09
    Looks like he got custom-molded plastic and parts for the whole thing. 'Cause you can't just make that out of paper mache and aluminum foil.
  • 0
    nflsmc Jan 22, 09
    I think the interent just had a collective nerdgasm...
  • 0
    The Dave Jan 23, 09
    That guy has skills. Serious commitment to the job. Quite what kind of a party it was with people dressed as "Aperture Science Test Subjects" I think I'd rather not know...
  • 0
    The Answer Jan 24, 09
    People these days, seriously. Looks pretty cool and awesomely accurate though.
    • 2
      Koloth Jan 24, 09
      People these days what? Have access to materials and the skills to use them? Plenty of people spend a great deal of time working on all sorts of projects. That's why there are whole stores like Hobby lobby dedicated to crafts.

      Now I just have to get back to my little project. Probably not nearly as cool as this. But personally interesting.
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 Jan 24, 09
    I WANT!

    But I want the life size Big daddy costume more :3
  • 0
    Absolute Jan 25, 09
    Looks like it should have a Black and Decker logo on the side. haha.

    ...If only..

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