Though a game with not many bugs as such, there have been a few issues with trophies not being given when the requirements are met, and then there are some stats related bugs. Insomniac have as with Resistance: Fall of Man continued to support the game and release another patch for the game fixing many of the issues encountered.

Oh and good news everyone...

Now you may be asking, “But what about adding the option to save the second player’s character progress?” Truth be told, it required a certain PS3 firmware that wasn’t available at the time of Resistance 2’s release. We now have that firmware and are currently working to implement the feature. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll get it out to you.

  • “Salute Me” trophy is not awarded until player reaches level 31 (Lieutenant)
  • “Berserker” trophy can be collected during non-ranked games
  • “Survivor” medal can be collected in cooperative games
  • “Sure Shot” ribbon is awarded if player has accuracy of exactly 50%
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    Duality_18 Jan 23, 09
    To bad you need more then a few bug patches to make the game fun for hardcore players online. It's more of a casual shooter.
  • 0
    Bale Fire Jan 25, 09
    Still its getting better. The guest experience one alone is worth the wait.
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    blazeboy11 Jan 25, 09
    Me and my friends never play this game because of how one of us gets shafted and can't level up. We would honestly rather take turns playing Call of Duty 4 online, or playing Zombie Mode on CoDW@W. It is good to hear they are working on it.

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