What made Mirror's edge more unqie then other platformers was that it was in first person, and it pulled it off. Well someone found a way to mod the PC version to get the game in Third Person point of view. As you can clearly see, DICE didn't really pay much attention to her body animation.

Mirror's Edge revolutionised the platforming genre by introducing it to the first-person view - a view that had traditionally been relegated to shooters. But how would the game have looked if it was played in the traditional third-person view? Now you can find out.
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    chautemoc Jan 27, 09
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    joshthegreat Jan 27, 09
    First person owns. I absolutely love this game. I can't understand the hate.
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    Storm Jan 27, 09
    Only 'hate' I hear about is the game's length, otherwise it's great and refresheing. Yeah, the feet especially is odd...she runs funny.
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    Onvacation Jan 27, 09
    The movement is absolutely terribe, But i understand that it wasn't meant to be seen from that view so its ok.

    I feel this game would have worked so much better with a proper 3rd person aspect, The amount of times the 1st person hindered me was annoying
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    Bale Fire Jan 27, 09
    Surprising they actually put those animations in considering it was never meant to be used that way.
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      Koloth Jan 27, 09
      Not really. They probably created the wireframe and textured it simply to give faith some proportions so that they could get the arms and legs in the right place as they ran the animations through the FPS camera. Makes it easier for the animators to get everything right if they can pan out to third person to check things.

      Not to mention you can actually look down at her legs and presumably the rest of her body. So something has to be there to look at. Rather than the old floating camera with a gun stuck on an arm. That's one thing I always hated about classic FPS. Characters have no body you just float there.
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    FinalFantasyFanaticc Jan 27, 09
    Its not surprising that it looks terrible, considering the game was meant to be played in first person and not third lol.
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    RabidChinaGirl Jan 27, 09
    Definitely prefer first person. Probably only done (in part) in response to all the fanboys complaining about not being able to see Faith's ass. D:
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    Nagare Jan 27, 09
    Not surprised at how the torso area doesn't really move because...they didn't add any code for that

    The rest of the motions are the same as in the first person except slightly extended to view more.
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    Gamesta100 Jan 27, 09
    I wouldn't have looked twice at this game had it been in 3rd person.
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    Arikardo Jan 28, 09
    Good lord those animations are terrible but i guess it doesn't matter that DICE didn't really animate her properly as its meant to be first person.
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    Revenger of Wastelan Jan 28, 09
    Hahahah!! the 2D version's body animations look better than this! Hilarious.
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    Jagermax Jan 28, 09
    Oh god the wallrun bit is so funny. Faith just sort of sticks to the wall and glides ;D

    The game works so well in first person, I don't think it would have been as good in third, even if DICE spent time making the animations good.
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    Gamer Boy Jan 28, 09
    lol look at how she runs!
  • 0
    Phi Jan 28, 09
    Her legs are so gangly =O
    Her hips stick out at odd angles when she runs xD
  • 1
    ChozenMaster Jan 28, 09
    Thank You Dice for making this game 1st person!

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