Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu have reviewed the upcoming 360 and PS3 action-horror Resident Evil 5 and the upcoming DS RPG 7th Dragon and they were impressed, giving RE5 a 38/40 and 7thD a 33/40. Go to the source for the full reviews.

- Resident Evil 5 (10/10/9/9, 38 points): "There's no dramatic change as there was from RE3 to RE4, but there's still an evolutionary process here," as one put it. "No major surprises; just an ease of play and a visual, control, and gameplay standard that's top-of-the-line," said another. And that, really, is the worst you can say about Capcom's latest, a game otherwise described as a "massive, valuable package."

- 7th Dragon (9/8/8/8, 33 points): If RE5 is Japan's big million-selling blockbuster of the week, then 7th Dragon is the game that all the diehards will buy instead. "I get a definite Etrian Odyssey vibe to the game, which plays out pretty dramatically story-wise," one reviewer said. "From the simple gameplay to the 2D map, you'll like this if you're into traditional RPGs."
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    Razentsu Mar 2, 09
    Great scores for both games. I'm looking forward to them.
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    Anubis Mar 3, 09
    Good. RE deserves it.

    I'm betting it wins at least one Game of the Year award.

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