Fumito Ueda, the creator behind Shadow Of The Colossus has been confirmed to be at GDC. But that doesn't mean we get to see Team Ico's new game, we might not even hear about it. But we still get to finally see it sometime this year, and what better time then E3. Team Ico has been confirmed to be present at the show and will show off their game.

In other news, God Of War 3 will be playable at E3 as well.

It's no secret that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus creator Fumito Ueda will be speaking at GDC this month, but now I have good news about Team ICO's next project. Not only will it be revealed at GDC (if everything goes according to plan), but we'll also get a trailer and gameplay at E3 2009.

Insiders state that Team ICO's big secret project has remained secret mostly because it has been without an official title for about 5 months, and the Team, along with Sony, wanted to build tension. With a horde of great games on slate through March of 2010, Sony has been working hard at keeping Team ICO's project low key, as to keep from drowning the hype train prematurely.
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    Bale Fire Mar 6, 09
    Wow that's great, hope Team Ico finally give us a decent premise, we've been waiting long enough.
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    Fallen Royalty Mar 6, 09
    Released by Fall 2010? That's fine with me. They can take as looong as they want; I know this game is gonna be great so I'd rather wait a while so it's the best it can be instead of rush it.

    It really feels good to know that a timeless classic is being created as we speak.
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    Existence Mar 7, 09
    GoWIII playable?!?! Thats great. Good news for all the fans who can attend GDC.
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    Red 9 Mar 7, 09
    Somehow I doubt God of War 3 will be playable, but if they say so...

    I guess it's expected Team ICO's game would release in 2010; their games are always so attentive to detail. Though I would have figured that they had started work a long time ago and it would be releasing earlier. But they make quality games, so who's complaining?
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    Twin_Master Mar 8, 09
    Hooray for Team Ico! Hopefully some info on a SOTC2?
    • 0
      Sayyed Mar 8, 09
      I highly doubt it will be SOTC2. Dream all you want because that will be the only way you will see SOTC 2. It will most likely be a new game set in the same universe as the last 2.
  • 0
    fitted Mar 8, 09
    i can't wait to see the secret game team ico have been hiding for a while.
  • 0
    Froggy Apr 3, 09
    God of War III

    I can't wait.
  • 0
    Delta787 Apr 29, 09
    is this anything like Dawn of War II?

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