That Gaming Site examines Midways current situation and examines where and how things went wrong, how things could have gone better and how the current board at Midway can make sure such mistakes won't happen in the future ensuring the companies success.

Midway is possibly in the worst financial situation of its rich 51 year history, corporate greed forced one of the driving forces of the American video games industry to shambles. Sometime in 2003 Bob Sagat David Zucker took the reins and became CEO of Midway Games; he was forcedly removed in 2008 by the Redstone's. Under Zucker’s leadership Midway ended up losing millions, although Zucker is not to blame as he made a worse situation better. Now Matt Booty takes the reins, does he have what it takes to bring Midway back and make it that driving force it once was?
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    Storm Mar 8, 09
    Long road to recovery indeed. Hope they pull through, I still want to see a sequel to Shaolin Monks, heh.

    General Motors has also hit rock bottom.

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