With the recent rumours of a fourth Halo game planned, and from Microsoft themselves no less, Neoseeker writer Lydia Sung speculates on what's left of the Halo universe to explore. Turns out -- quite a bit! Read on, brother.

So a lot of gamers have adopted the name "Halo 4" for now, and silly little fanboy arguments are already popping up. Well, I think they're rather silly -- like the one over Halo 3's "Finish the fight!" slogan. Hey, everyone kind of assumed the fight was finished after John-117 and the Arbiter sent the Covenant running home with their tails between their legs, leaving behind a trail of dead Prophets and Brutes... and those little guys with funny English.

Safe to say most of us are hoping Bungie hops on board for the new Halo game, for fear of what might happen if Microsoft tried to go it alone. But what's there left to do in Halo-verse?
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    Killosity Mar 8, 09
    Until Microsoft obtain the experience and studio prowess to make some new, engaging first party titles, then Halo it is. Whether it becomes another Mario-like franchise depends on how proactive Microsoft are in getting more first party content out there.
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    GLDarthziggy Mar 8, 09
    Definitely a good story. I'm very interested to see what they have in store for future installments, because we all know that Halo as a whole is far from dead. It would be great to see Bungie involved again, since it is their baby after all. The ideas about telling tales of the Forerunners or even MC's early days (with other playable Spartans!) would be pretty kick-ass for fans of the fiction.
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    Shinobi_razor Mar 9, 09
    Fall of Reach prequel! except you play as another Spartan besides the Chief, and have other ones with you, maybe even squad based like Star Wars Republic Commando. AKA, what i was hoping Halo 3 ODST was going to be like.

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