OXCGN writer Aaron Bertinetti takes a sly look at what the GDC may or may not have thrown out as Exclusives for the Xbox Platform.

While not 100%, it's a view of what might be possible in 2009. But really, are Exclusives really needed, take the poll and pick your game for 2009 on the site.

So the Game Developers Conference’s 09 (GDC’s) brought a couple of surprises so far. A new Zelda for the DS, third party motion controls for 360, a new Ratchet & Clank for our PS3 comrades, and the entry of Warner Bros to the fray that may well have had fanboys disorientated and asking “Errr… what’s up doc?”

But where’s the goods from Microsoft? Some would lead you to believe that Microsoft has announced its full line up just like they had this time last year… oh yeah, that’s the problem…

Compounding this is Microsoft’s stated decision to hold back holiday releases further than last year and to extend the scope of announcements into the first quarter of 2009.

And whilst we’re sure most titles will be held until E3, there are ten titles that we reckon have a shot at being showcased at GDC. Which one will it be?
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  • 0
    Slumpy monkey Mar 27, 09
    Fable 3? I remember Jonathan ross letting the info go.
  • 1
    XboxOZ360 Mar 27, 09
    Oooo we should add that . . . thanks, but bit late now, but could add it as a tagline . . thanks . .
    • 0
      Slumpy monkey Mar 27, 09
      Hehe, Sorry.

      *ahem* Man I wonder if fable 3 is coming out, there's been no info on it yet though.

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