In the Turtles' Party Van at last week's Galabunga event in New York City, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game was apparently unveiled. That game? A remake of the arcade beat-em-up classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. The game sent our iconic turtles through various time warps in an attempt to stop Shredder after he wrecks havoc on the Big Apple.

Currently, it's headed only for the Xbox Live Arcade, but apparently they're also working on bringing it to WiiWare. No mention of the PlayStation Network as of yet. The game sports upgraded 3D graphics and hopes to retain the charm of the original. It is also unknown which version of the game this is based on, but it is leaning towards the arcade version.

Let's kick shell!

At last week's Galabunga events in NYC, the debut of the Turtles' Party Van also revealed that a "new" TMNT video game - not the already revealed "Smash-up" game for the Wii - was in development. New, yet a game all TMNT fans are familiar with: "Turtles in Time." Only now it's been updated using modern 3D graphics. Mega TMNT fan Jason Koza was at the event (in his Casey Jones costume!) and provides the following info and pics of the game.
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  • 0
    Storm May 1, 09
    Holy shit! Look at those graphics! Ok, this is definitely a must-own for me...used to always play Turtles in Time with some buds at the movie theatre, waiting for a film to start...that is...until the damn theatre got rid of the classic arcade.
  • 0
    chautemoc May 1, 09
    Hmm, I prefer the old graphical style.
  • 0
    Kokoro May 1, 09
    A remake of one of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games? I'll have to check this one out.
  • 0
    iLLmatic May 1, 09
    That would be the hottest thing ever in the history of life.
  • 0
    FinalFantasyFanaticc May 1, 09
    I shall be buying this game the instant it appears on the marketplace. HOORAH!
  • 0
    Seproth May 1, 09
    Yes, I *bleep*ing loved this game when I was a kid.
  • 0
    Xenctuary May 1, 09
    Hell yeah, Turtles In Time was awesome.
  • 0
    mau64 May 1, 09
    oh my god, i can't wait for this game... please be real
  • 0
    Jaw Knee May 2, 09
    If its a side scroller and they can replicate almost everything from the original, including controls and music, then I'm down.
    • 0
      Storm May 2, 09
      Yeah, the only major change they made is with the graphics, to make it more appealing to gamers of today. But otherwise, it's the same game.
  • 0
    HisServant77 May 2, 09
    Wow, now this is nice!

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