First of all, if you haven't already seen the new Mass Effect 2 teaser, go watch it. Now.

...Now that we've got that out of the way, enjoy 1UP's new question time with the guys behind it.

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*Contains Mass Effect Ending Spoilers!

1UP: Let's start with the high-level concept: what's your mission statement for Mass Effect 2?

Casey Hudson: We'll have a more concise one for E3, because that's when we can say what the premise is, but for now, this is all I can say: This is the dark second act that reveals the most brutal parts of the Mass Effect universe.

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  • 1
    Cruxis Mana May 15, 09
    The more info we get about this game, the more I really, REALLY want it.
  • 0
    Daigoji_Gai May 15, 09
    I have officially soiled myself thanks to this preview. Thank you BioWare, thank you :: "Time to go to K-Mart, need a pair of underwear!"
  • 0
    Seproth May 15, 09
    This is horrible man....

    The pre E3 thing gets me pumped for E3...and it's still gonna be awhile. It'd almost be better knowing nothing.

    Can't wait for this game though. srs
  • 0
    Killosity May 15, 09
    Amazing to see such passion and forwardness in their approach to this sequel. The first was borderlining perfection, and for them to constantly comment on how they are directly making changes and upgrades to address the tiny flaws of the original is so attractive to me as a player.

    For the first year in this generation of consoles, I have to say that I am so damn please I own all of them. Theres simply no way I could favour one for another with all these stellar games coming out.

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