A look at how the RPG term is being unjustly tagged on games today and how the RPG genre has fallen greatly over the years. Very few games these days are true RPGs and nothing has come close to touching Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

Fable 2 attempts to create a world in which the player can leave his marks, but it falls flat on its face most of the time. It gives you choices but no consequences, and that makes them hollow and meaningless.
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    Euphoric May 21, 09
    I agree that the standard in general has dropped. Also that some games recently labelled as RPG's shouldn't be considered as such.

    However, to say that, "Very few games these days are true RPGs and nothing has come close to touching Fallout 1 and Fallout 2" is just ridiculous. If you looked past the mainstream big budget games there are plenty of "true" RPG's being made. So no game in the last few years has been as good as Fallout 1 or 2? That may be your opinion but I have no doubts that the majority of RPG gamers will disagree with you.
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      chautemoc May 21, 09
      I love Fallout 1 & 2 and I'd disagree.
      Though the proportion of them has probably declined in the last five years about.
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    redneonfish May 22, 09
    quote article
    Very few games these days are true RPGs
    Very true, i'm yet to see something that's both a Rocket Propelled Grenade and a game =]
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    kspiess May 22, 09
    Oh I totally agree with this article.

    "RPG" is thrown about really loosely these days. Biggest joke last year was Space Siege calling itself a ARPG. Lol!

    I think us gaming journalists need to work on some new terms. There should be like a check-list of things that a game needs to qualify as an RPG, such as, off the top of my head : an inventory, experience levels or equivalent, ability to choose own path through the game, and...
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    kspiess May 22, 09
    Oh an props on recognizing the brilliance of Fallout 1+2. Hopefully the world will again see such pinnacle of C-RPG's , where you have so many options and freedom.

    So many of today's RPG's are really what I consider RPG-lites. Like Knights of the Old Republic. You are basically on proceed-to-A-proceed-to-B maps with little difference between playing experiences besides choosing to play it as 'evil' or 'good.'

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