The first ever teaser trailer for the merge between Lego and Rockband has appeared on the Internet, with Lego bricks falling, PINK music playing and lots more. I could not have made up a weirder idea for a game, but it looks okay so far. Go to the source for the video.

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  • 3
    chautemoc May 29, 09
    The end is nigh. Escape while there's still time.
  • 3
    Aussie Legend May 29, 09
    Ugh, I think I threw up in my mouth a little...
  • 0
    reaver11 May 29, 09
    Huh...looks...I don't know. Gotta see some more track listings, and hopefully it'll be exportable, save for that Pink song. I hate that *bleep*ing song!
  • 0
    redneonfish May 30, 09
    Build your own lego instruments? Anyone?
  • 0
    HisServant77 May 30, 09
    Hahaha, Why are people so serious and dramatic about this game? I think it's hilarious. I wouldn't play it even if it were given to me, but I still think it's hilarious!
  • 0
    StarJet May 30, 09
    There must be a reason they chose this for the first Rock Band game for the DS... Hmmm...
  • 0
    DragoniteBallZ May 30, 09
    Lego Rock Band and Band Hero are both not only family-oriented supposed to put more emphasis on the vocals. Think of these more as karaoke games that you just get to also use the drum and guitar kits.
  • 0
    Chris May 31, 09
    Well it looks like Rock Band just died. I suppose its erm.... well... different?
  • 0
    King X2 Jun 1, 09
    Bah what the hell? Lego Rock Band now?

    PINK music playing? Oh for hell sake...

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