If you're a big Metal Gear Solid fan and have $400 to spare, then this FOXHOUND coat (as worn by Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 1 and The Twin Snakes) might be right up your alley...

Time to put down your guns, patriots! Everyone will know you mean business when you're wearing the new Foxhound Coat from AbbyShot. We succeeded in our dangerous mission: To take Liquid Snake's classic trench coat design from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and turn it into a wearable and durable trench coat. We went above and beyond this time, and we're sure you'll agree!
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    Dine_Agoti May 31, 09
    This is by the same person (team?) that did the Kingdom Hearts Hoodie. Looks pretty slick.
  • 0
    Bale Fire May 31, 09
    Best idea for costume ever. A Kingdom Hearts Hoodie and a Foxhound jacket at the same time!
  • 0
    Shinobi_razor May 31, 09
    isnt it a little too dark brown though?

    either way it looks pretty cool. not $400 cool but...
  • 0
    Existence Jun 1, 09
    Looks pretty cool, but $400?
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    Daweii Jun 1, 09
    Really you could pretty much get any suede trenchcoat and it's Liquid Snakes. Could probably save about $350 in the process.
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    Kepp123 Jun 1, 09
    hmmmm i dont know can i just throw away money like that or not waste 400 dollars and just get me a cheap knock off that will look really similar but not be made by them ppl. i dont know i got to do alot gameing and while wareing this i will probably look cool while playing but then ill probably forget 2 weeks later that i even got it hmm im buying it cause im a rich prick! ahahahahahaha

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