Drew from That Aussie Game Site called it on the latest That Aussie Gamecast podcast, but with all the rumours regarding an announcement of Halo Reach (Or the next Halo game) exploding all over the internet Drew thought he would put together an analysis of exactly what Microsoft will reveal at tomorrow's press conference.

Barring some mindblowing new IP there is nothing else to capture the public's imagination on such a scale, there is simply no better time than now to drop the Gravity Hammer on its competitors with a teaser for Halo 4 or Halo Origins or the like.
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    Shinobi_razor May 31, 09
    well, its certainly in keeping with MS's trends, so its plausible. i guess well know tomorrow...
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    joshthegreat Jun 1, 09
    Is anybody excited about Halo anymore?
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      dwg14390 Jun 1, 09
      If its ANOTHER FPS then no.

      If its OTSC or whatever then kinda.

      If its something else (like Halo Wars) then yes.
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      Slumpy monkey Jun 1, 09
      I am, I enjoyed the games, wouldn't mind having another. Heck millions still play Halo 3 online, Loads of people even play Halo 2 online. Must be some interest there.
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      HisServant77 Jun 1, 09
      Of course they're exited about Halo . . . It's Halo! Which brings me to not be surprised at all if they create some sort of Halo-based 2D or minigame and release it on XBLA. It wouldn't surprise me at all . . . and millions would buy it instantly!
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    Shinobi_razor Jun 1, 09
    so they did, Halo Reach. im hoping it will be a standard 4 player squad based game which i very well could be.
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    Kepp123 Jun 1, 09
    *bleep* another one that people are going to rave about for like 3 weeks and get over. MS you need a new FPS or at least make it feel new i dont know add points for tbaging then people in live have a perfect excuse for being dickheads oh and make the people how kill them while doing this get 2 points.

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