Do girls like to play videogames? You bet they do. This list will go over 10 videogames that are perfect to play with your girlfriend. So go ahead and check it out!

While there are plenty of gals who game, many men are faced with the dubious task of converting a non-gaming girl. We've compiled the top ten games to get your girlfriend to stop complaining and start playing. Whether she's an experienced gamer or not, these games will help level the playing field.
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    Jax06 Jun 3, 07
    I called for Mario Kart to be on there and lo and behold, it's number 1.

    It's a shame I don't have 3/4s of those games though. I don't have a girlfriend either though so it all works out okay...
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    Infinite Jun 3, 07
    Nice. I figured Mario Kart, Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Sports would be on the list but I was really surprised that Silent Hill made the list, I wasn't expecting that at all.
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    Aegir Jun 3, 07
    I laughed at some of the authors comments on the game. One of my exes most definitely played Katamari Damacy with squeals of delight. Another suggestion I'd like to add to the list is Kingdom Hearts. The Disney characters and such are sure to capture her attention and she'll probably never give you your copy of the game me.
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    Seeker X Jun 3, 07
    HAHAHA They actually put Silent Hill in it.

    Personally, I'd prefer they put Silent Hill 2, the most "romantic" one in the series.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Jun 3, 07
    Why is final fantasy VII on that list? Honestly? If someone doesn't like video games already, then they do NOT like RPGs yet.
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      BANDITO ATTACK Jun 3, 07
      BTW, this list is the most IRONIC thing ever on so many levels.
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    vaga_koleso Jun 4, 07
    Pretty good list for the most part, DDR, Mario Party, Katamari are definitely spot on. Would probably replace FFVII or Silent Hill with a Harvest Moon game.
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    tornjinx Jun 4, 07
    Wow, those are some great games, sounds like it could work.
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    cjmnews Jun 4, 07
    Two player co-op games work well.

    Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 1 & 2
    Champions of Norrath
    Return to Arms
    Gauntlet Dark Legacy

    The PS/2 eye toy games were missed as well:
    Eye Toy Play
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    AntiGrav (my absolute favorite)

    P.S. My wife hated Katamari. I loved it. She got into gaming with Baldur's Gate. Followed a year or two later by Pokemon on a GBA.
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    Gotenks Jun 4, 07
    Mario Party 8 has been out for like almost a week and it's already on a top 10 great games list. That's saying something.

    And I agree with the top 4. Great games there to.
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    MJ12 L0rD Jun 4, 07
    Is it me, or am I missing something? How the heck is Katamari Damacy up there? Compared to the other games, that doesn't seem to fit in at all IMO. Well thats just my 2 cents.
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    SillyPuddee Jun 4, 07
    Most of the games up there aren't that good, but if have a girl that loves gaming, stick with her for the rest of your life.
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    Daisy Jun 5, 07
    As a girl I don't agree with most of that list. Guitar Hero and Katamari, sure. Some are like 'we designed this for 7 years olds, so a girl can handle it to then...', which is kinda downplaying what a girl can do. Then you have others like FFVII and Silent Hill which are so involved, it's not a simple pick up and play an hour or two on weekends type of game.

    My opinion is that this list reeks.
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      Redemption Jun 5, 07
      Daisy, you should make up an entirely new list and post it up as a news article, "A girl's list by an actual girl" . Seems like this list is made by some guy named Ben .
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        Daisy Jun 6, 07
        Now THERE'S a thought. I'll start thinking on it!
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    FFXFREAK Jun 5, 07
    XD, Mario Kart would probably be the best don't you think =D. It'd be fun playing 2 player, well at least it's worked for me .

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    weskraudaon Jun 6, 07
    Man,I would play those games with one but I don't have one.
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    Scott 1 Jun 7, 07
    Dance Dance Revolution is a must. Pretty much all girls love dancing games, and it's great to play with a friend.
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    Thes10ownsyou Jun 8, 07
    Good ratings for those games. I would expect most of them, like Animal Crossing, Mario kart, and to my suprise, a game I got recently, Mario Party 8. It's a good game, and a bit challenging too, so you never get bored. DDR is a must on that list, so is nintendogs, and that sums it up.
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    Goyun SSJ15 Jun 11, 07
    Surprisingly, though not regretfully, I managed to get my girlfriend hooked on Pro Evo by pretending she was good at it.

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