An IGN forum poster noted one unfortunate side effect for Project Natal:

It cannot detect darker skin pigments.

The quoted text contains a link to the original article where this discovery was found.

The alternate sources include how the technology used in Natal is less effective with darker skin pigments and the original article this discovery was found.

Oops, I guess.

"When game consultant and former Newsweek writer N'Gai Croal gave Paradise a test drive, however, the game had trouble reading his steering actions. The footwork (gas and brakes) worked fine, but Croal couldn't steer his car at all."
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  • 0
    Sabre Jun 9, 09
    lol. I guess ill have to stick to a Gamepad.
  • 8
    Cruxis Mana Jun 9, 09
    Titled should have been;
    Milo to Black Gamers: "GTFO".
    I knew that little kid was racist...

  • 0
    dwg14390 Jun 9, 09

    Milo is racist??

    Lol this is to good.
  • 1
    Xenctuary Jun 9, 09
    Microsoft is clearly racist.
  • 7
    McClubbin Jun 9, 09
    The really ironic part is Milo's the name of a chocolate milk drink.

  • 0
    Slumpy monkey Jun 9, 09
    Its fine, they will just stick a flash light on the top.
  • 0
    kik36 Jun 9, 09
    That's an interesting technological shortfall. I'm curious to hear how they will fix this.
    • 0
      Daweii Jun 10, 09
      Chances are they will have to put some form of light on it. I feel that the way it motion captures is down to the reflection of light from the gamers skin. This seems the only logical explanation why it wouldn't pick up the movements of darker skin tones.
  • 5
    Onvacation Jun 9, 09
    So this is why micheal jackson went to all that effort to become white
  • 0
    Shinobi_razor Jun 9, 09
    somehow i dont see many dark skinned gamers being particularly upset by this...
  • 1
    Bale Fire Jun 9, 09
    Wow never saw that coming, kind of like technological racism isn't it?
  • 0
    Raijin1999 Jun 10, 09

    You would think they would have figured that out a long time ago.
    Equal opportunity employer much?

    Srsly tho, they should have known that would happen when they put the design together. What about dark clothes? O,o

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