BioWare's Casey Hudson and Christina Norman led a closed demonstration for us last week at E3, dropping plenty of details to get any Mass Effect fan going. Shepard, as many of us have learned by now, is in fact ALIVE... but that could all change in Mass Effect 2. Yes, he / she can still die, depending on how you play the game.

I'd include more in the description and following quote, but wouldn't wanna spoil anything for those who'd prefer to keep their mind free of any ME2 details. Also, major spoilers for the first game.

At our closed demo with Electronic Arts last week, we noticed that the longest lines appeared outside their Mass Effect 2 demo room. Not surprising, given that this sequel is currently one of the most anticipated titles in the industry.

The closed demo was in-depth but not hands-on, as project director Kacey Hudson and Christina Norman did all the talking over some gameplay and cinematic footage.

Warning: Mass Effect spoilers beyond this point!
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