The new footage not only shows the notch-eared Pichu joining up with the team in Ilex Forest but also features a battle and a mysterious event revolving around Arceus. Find out more in the forums.

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  • 0
    Akira_EX Jun 18, 09
    The new battle theme is all sorts of awesome =o
  • 2
    FinalFantasyFanaticc Jun 18, 09
    Whatever kids watch this show must be all sorts of *bleep*ed up.

    I like how your main number 1 slot Pokemon always follows you however.
    • 1
      Cruxis Mana Jun 18, 09
      Do you reckon that's a child or a midget in the Pichu costume?
      • 1
        redneonfish Jun 19, 09
        It's a small Japanese robot. I don't know why, but that program a little frightening.
    • 1
      Aussie Legend Jun 18, 09
      Its Japan, what did you expect
    • 0
      black doom Jun 19, 09
      Technically we don't know that is what is happening... both times the Pokemon seemed relevant to the unfolding chain of events.
  • 0
    Lost in Azure Jun 19, 09
    I can't wait any longer for this game, looks like it will be a pretty awesome remake, hopefully better then FireRed and LeafGreen. New areas that were shown in the map on other pics. look nice too.
  • 0
    NickAlert Jun 19, 09
    Lol I love that you used my links/youtube account video and my threads
    Awesome news. fo sho
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 Jun 20, 09
    Can't wait for this game even more now. But why would I want a lv1 Dialga,Giratina, or Palkia? I can't breed them into a mass killing machine, as Arceus only gives us ONE of them. Trophy Pokemon maybe?

    Also, Here's to me saying that the Red in Mt. Silver is the Fire Red RED.

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