Tekken 6 has become the ultimate fighting franchise. Consistently adding characters, new gameplay styles, and environments this game has easily surpassed the work from Sega's virtua fighter. Now Namco is taking it to another level so with the possibility of Creating your own fighter from scratch check the article for more info

Currently you can dress up your character in Tekken purchasing different attire to give your character a special kind of look but, what if you can actually design your own character and move sets from scratch? YES you heard right.
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    Metallica Jun 21, 09
    Creating your own character would be pretty cool, I havn't played a Tekken game since 4 because it was crap compared to 3 and Tag, but being able to create your own character would bring a bit more of a challenge to the game, I'm suprised they havn't thought about this sooner.
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    Daweii Jun 21, 09
    Thing is though Tekken is almost the Gran Turismo of the fighting world. It may ship with the most polish and all in all have the best modes, but all in all it's nothing Virtua Fighter won't top when the next one comes out with. Not to mention they'll release Virtua Fighter 5 months after they announce it not 3 years like Tekken 6 lol.
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    Dragoshi1 Jun 21, 09
    I hope making a character is as versatile as SCIV's character maker.
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      Hideo1 Jun 21, 09
      I don't. I hope it's A LOT more versatile. The SCIV was pretty good but got very stale very quickly in my opinion. Means nothing though since there isn't one (realised the source xD).
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    McClubbin Jun 21, 09
    If you've played Tekken, it's pretty easy to figure out that's an alternate costume for Yoshimistu(which is based on Penny Arcade's Cardboard Tube Samurai). However, I don't know where you pull out the assumption that this screenshot has anything remotely to do with creating a fighter. Lastly, the picture has been circulating around for a day. Checking up on Kotaku or Joystiq before making such inane assumptions certainly wouldn't have hurt you.
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    Bale Fire Jun 22, 09
    I've never liked creating your own character in any kind of fighting game. They always have very lacklustre moves compared to the original cast, and are usually just mixed clones of other characters with a new coat of paint anyway.
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      Hideo1 Jun 22, 09
      Plus with the existing character customisation we're going to get it's quite unnecessary too.
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        Bale Fire Jun 22, 09
        Didn't think of that. Considering that I really doubt they'd implement a Fighter Creator, too similar to the customisation system they already have, espeically since items/clothes can now apparently give you new moves.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Jun 22, 09
    why would you pick anyone over Law?
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    conel3 Jun 22, 09
    dunno how well it would work du to balancing etc. but it would be cool if it were true.
    That picture just looks like a costume someone's made for yoshimitsu.

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