XSEED Games is usually good with their customer relations; you can send them questions and for the most part they'll be happy to answer. NeoGAF user Hero of Legend sent a bunch of questions XSEED's way recently, and received a response, gaining the following information:

  • XSEED still has two titles they haven't announced yet: one for Wii, one for DS
    • That Wii Game isn't Ougon no Kizuna.
  • Little King's Story will keep its July 21st date, and will have an all new Tyrant difficulty

- Yes, Little King's Story is coming out on July 21st. Official announcement will be going out soon, probably later this week.
- Yes, there is an extra hard "Tyrant" mode in the NA release of Little King's Story.
- Can't share exact numbers, but Rune Factory: Frontier has sold OK, though we could always use more sales.
- We will not pursue Kizuna.
- If "you're" is always showing as "you 're" then that's probably just the font set. Depending on what kind of fonts you use (arial, times new roman, etc.), each letter and the spacing between them appears differently. If it was just one time then that's probably just a typo that slipped by on our part.
- We are aware of all the impressions that people had from playing Fragile, but even if nothing is tuned for the NA release, we feel the overall great experience outweighs any minor gameplay issues.
- You are correct, that list you made is not our entire lineup. There are still two titles that we haven't announced yet; one for Wii and one for DS. Both of these titles are scheduled to be revealed in July.
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    PacoDG Jun 23, 09
    GAF > Internet > GAF

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      Akira_EX Jun 23, 09
      It's how it usually is >_>

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