A great article from Wired's Game|Life detailing 10 of the worst ways in which the gaming industry has screwed the customer, from Chrono Trigger DS to digital rights management to the PSP Go.

The march of technology is supposed to make things better for consumers, but these days it seems videogame makers strive to find new ways to take more of our money and give us less in return.

We are not communists here at Game|Life. We want publishers to make financially prudent decisions so they can continue to deliver games that fuel our addictions. But some bone-headed business moves benefit everyone except us.
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    HisServant77 Jul 1, 09
    Some of those things I agree with, some I do not and feel it's just one of those things that people like to complain about.
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    Slumpy monkey Jul 1, 09
    5. Downloads Priced Same as Discs

    That is because retailers threaten to order less if DL games are sold for less because it hurts their sales.

    At least that the case with steam.
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      chautemoc Jul 1, 09
      Meanwhile they offer downloading services within their stores, and on their websites. Go figure.
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      bbb7002004 Jul 1, 09
      That's correct, but it doesn't mean that the consumer isn't getting screwed. Plenty of things make good sense for businesses, but are bad for consumers.
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        chautemoc Jul 1, 09
        Oh, I know. We totally are.
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    Darknet Jul 1, 09
    LOL, Gamestop screws me over for exclusive content but NOT for the fact that I get $20 off a game that came out a month ago?

    Everything else I can agree with.
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      HisServant77 Jul 1, 09
      That's exactly how I feel. Forget the pre-order bonuses (who cares. If you want it, get it, if not, quite getting your panties in a twist over it), my problem is the huge losses you take if you decide to sell them games back. Of course, that's why I no longer do that.
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    Goldva_X Jul 1, 09
    Anally, doggy-style, sideways, orally...

    Yeah, that's about it for now.
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    kik36 Jul 1, 09
    Great article but #5 has an error. The IRS IS taxing downloads. At least where I'm at.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Jul 1, 09
    "Dear 100,000 people who pirated Demigod: You are jackasses."
    and you payed 40$ for a game you can't play properly LOLOLOL.
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      chautemoc Jul 1, 09
      It works now, and would've worked properly to begin with if it wasn't for the pirates -- this has been stated by Stardock. It's partly their fault too, as they could've estimated this many people would've pirated the game, and prepared accordingly, but they didn't think it would be so many.
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        Slumpy monkey Jul 1, 09
        Guess it teaches them to not trust people.
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          chautemoc Jul 1, 09
          But not enough to go DRM-crazy, thankfully.
          They know they have a substantial loyal fanbase (the game has been in the top 10 sales charts since release, at retail alone) -- there's just a lot of other people that aren't willing to support them, while feeling justified in playing their games.
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    Big A2 Jul 1, 09
    Well Chrono Trigger DS actually brought the game to PAL regions, and I don't feel screwed over at all, but I do understand how it must feel to have to pay more for an older game in the US.
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    Bale Fire Jul 1, 09
    Most of that stuff seems to relate the DLC, a lot of ripoffs seem to be coming from that area instead of the supposed benefits we're meant to be receiving.
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    InsanityS Jul 2, 09
    I totally agree about region lockouts. Kinda why I like my DS so much I guess, since I can grab games from America and play them easily. There are many times that games don't come out of Japan, and even more times where games aren't hitting the PAL regions. It's frustrating because the games are there but for some asinine reason the companies don't want you to play it, despite the fact that the gamer is perfectly willing to pay and add to their profits.
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      Euphoric Jul 2, 09
      It's a balance of how much profit they'll get as opposed to how much the licensing, tax and import costs will set them back.
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    kokushishin Jul 4, 09
    10. agree

    9. Sure.

    8. Sooner or later there's going to be an add-in that's stupidly powerful, doesn't work right etc. and they'll learn not do do dumb things like that.

    7. Cheaper than the original and available in more areas.

    6. I see the PSP section getting smaller and smaller each time I shop; this screams desperation.

    5. There's still agreements and such, and the convenience of not having a disc is somewhat underrated. I figure sooner or later there will eventually be some kind of license transfer or such for people to swap downloaded games.

    4. Definitely, at least compared to RB track packs.

    3. For every property that's caught on, there's another one that hasn't, and the same arguments will get rehashed. From my understanding most VC games are still under agreements made from their original release.

    2. I don't think it's as big an issue as it used to be.

    1. Many services only work in even amounts, be glad it's not like an ATM that only works in $20s.
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    Flippy Jul 4, 09
    10: Wow that sucks.

    9: I had a taste of Pirated games before, What I know is that pirated ones are less stable and prone to be failures right off the bat, But most of the time they work just like the real thing just have to be careful...

    8: That's just stupid.

    7: Oh well, at least you aren't scouring Ebay for a $500 original cartirage in mint condition...

    6: I don't have a PSP (At least...not yet...) but I really feel sorry for whoever has to deal with this.

    5: That isn't very fair...but I don't plan on getting a 3rd generation Sony console (except if I'm lucky I can nab myself a PSP...) so I'm not THAT concerned...

    4: I'm sorry for whoever has to deal with this, DLC (Well...it isn't exactly DLC but...) isn't really what it's cracked up to be huh?


    2: I'm always pissed at how some games are kept from the rest of the world despite the fact it would sell like mad around the world.

    1: Hmph, I can't even GET my hands on Wii points... I want the internet channel so bad.

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