Halo 3: ODST is coming and it's going to be big, but now it's going to be bigger. Why? Because ODST is going to be released with the Halo Reach beta so now fans can get a little taste of what a true next-gen Halo will look, feel, and play like.

Gamestop is bringing the best exclusives for gamers everywhere and now the highly anticipated HALO 3: ODST will have the Halo Reach Beta Get It Now
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    FinalFantasyFanaticc Jul 4, 09
    We've known this since E3, what's with reporting old old news?
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    Dragoshi1 Jul 4, 09
    Way old. Hell, E3 said it, and every gamestop says it, I THINK we get the point,now.
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    Aussie Legend Jul 4, 09
    If they are giving us the beta with ODST (which by the way, we knew since E3) wasn't it 'rumored' to be having Natal support?

    Natal definately isn't ready yet, so if it is going to be used isn't a Beta kinda useless?
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      Smoke Jul 4, 09
      I think a lot of people have it set in their minds that Natal is only a primary controller, perhaps Halo Reach will use Natal in a secondary manner. For instance, facial recognition, scanning objects, interaction within the environment, etc.

      Also, don't be surprised about this news being reposted, hiphopgamershow writers submit old news all the time to bring in more traffic.

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