A great episode of The Bender awaits you. James will be buying a new system soon (he has had both a PS3 and Xbox 360, both have broke on him in the past). I ended up trying to show James the benefits of the Xbox 360, while Perry attempts to do the same for the PS3, and Allison swoops into talk about the Wii, but ends up saying pros/cons of the 360 and PS3. Plus we cover game news and the such. Enjoy!

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Walking simulator announced

Getting a new console, the “debate”


LucasArts releases nearly everything to Steam

Rumor Has It That PSP2 is in Development, As Powerful As Xbox

Johnny Chung Lee says that Project Natal Could Inspire New Genres of Games

Confirmed Guitar Hero 5 tracks comingand some rumored tracks coming to Guitar Hero 5

Harmonix claiming music games do not need a console to be played

Game Over for GamePro employee (Re: ATTN Internet: The Definition of Copy/Paste)


Modern Warfare 2 back to being a Call of Duty game

Valve Admits PS3 Version of Orange Box is Inferior… at last…

Miyamoto finds out people want Kid Icarus on the Wii !

New MechWarrior Game is New, Series Reboot

Zenimax Was Given $105M for id Acquisition

Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Xbox LIVE. Luly 29th.

Epic Games not too keen on motion controls

Third MK Movie in Development?

View-Master to become a movie. Yes, the View-Master

Elder Scrolls II is free! Click here to learn how to install it

Thai Government May Close Game Parlors Over Swine Flu Fears
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  • 2
    HisServant77 Jul 12, 09
    Easy Answer!:
    Buy the console with the games you enjoy the most. If you like both, then save up and buy both. Otherwise buy the one with the games you enjoy.

    Don't give in to the "War." YOU are the winner, if you simply buy based on the games YOU like.
    • 0
      PacoDG Jul 12, 09
      James had both systems at one time, he will eventually be buying both (plus the Wii too, so he claims), but right now, he can only go with one.

      For the average person though, buying both systems is not really a feasible option (when you think about how many games you can buy instead of getting a whole other system).
      • 0
        HisServant77 Jul 14, 09
        Yeah I meant to put that in there too, about if you don't have the money. I was going to put that right after the second sentence, but I didn't. That's alright though, you covered it.

        Still, buy the one with the games you enjoy most.
  • 0
    keysy420 Jul 12, 09
    play games you like but i tell you that the -s3 youll get one really soon
  • 0
    cartridge Jul 14, 09
    What about a Radeon HD4850 ? It can run any game in VERY HIGH and cost less thant a 100 $. Exclusive games is the best reason to get a console right now ...

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