The article focuses on the fact that Lego Rock Band is nothing more but a game to milk the franchise even more than they already have. Check the site for the full written details

Just look at all the new plastic instrument games coming out this year. My opinion on the matter: they are completely milking this franchise to reap every little coin they can get out of it. The sad truth though is that every one of these games are going to do not only well but great. One of these titles that has me a little concerned is the new Lego Rock Band announced for virtually everything. Will LRB be enough to hold its own weight, or will it become a waste of money for the developers?
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    dwg14390 Jul 19, 09
    Wait they actually made a Lego RockBand?

    And it's not a gimmick. Think of all the people who love to rock and who loves legos but never could quite play them both at the same time. Now people can play Rockband and lego at the same time. Our prayers have finally been answered.

    /end sarcasm
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    Fourth Dimension Jul 19, 09
    They should be judging the Guitar Hero franchise over the Rock Band franchise. Guitar Hero is being milked to death.
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      reaver11 Jul 19, 09
      GH games the past 2 years = 8 (3, Aerosmith, Metallica, Smash Hits, On Tour/Decades/Modern Hits, World Tour)
      RB games the past 2 years = 3 (1, 2, Unplugged)

      Go figure. And the "soon to be" 6 track packs for RB don't count since all they are are songs already on the RB store primarily aimed at PS2/Wii owners. And not to mention they are exportable for the PS3/360 versions. And I think the Wii too. Not sure.
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    Metallica Jul 19, 09
    This is just the lowest of low, Lego Batman, Star Wars yes, Rock band no...
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    Dramon Knight Jul 19, 09
    I'll say they're milking it, not just because it's another Lego Version of a game, but the songs that will be on it are soo shit. >.>

    They're a real load of crap, there's no enjoyment for people who've played any other Rock Band or Guitar Hero game before. =|
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      reaver11 Jul 19, 09
      That's probably because its not aimed at them.
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    HisServant77 Jul 19, 09
    What's so wrong about Lego Rock band? Is it just because those who love Rock Band are feeling ashamed of it because they don't like it?

    LRB to me isn't milking the series . . . all it is, is a game aimed toward the family. Those who liked the RB series but felt it wasn't suited for the family, can now get it and not feel too bad.
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    Shinobi_razor Jul 19, 09
    of course its another money gimmick. isnt that what ALL video games are?
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      mau64 Jul 20, 09
      umm, I kinda disagree with that is what ALL video games are. I believe there are Dev. out there that are worrying about how their vision of the game more than money.
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        Shinobi_razor Jul 20, 09
        true but look at all the Guitar Heroes. those are all money gimmicks where as Harmonix takes time with Rock Band. actually all Lego games are gimmicky, except Star Wars which was actually good. Indiana Jones and Batman were decent but not that great. so there you go, Lego and a big franchise = money gimmick.

        and all the sports games EA puts out are just gimmicky since they release a new one each year instead of releasing one game that will last the life of the console and continually updating that.
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    RabidChinaGirl Jul 21, 09
    Oh jeez, bad E3 memories.

    The Warner Bros. rep asked us if we played Rock Band. Gabe / Vegi said yeah, and I made the mistake of saying, "No." She made it her mission to drag me up to the Lego Rock Band where lonely nerds other journalists were grinding against the performing booth chicks... then Vegi tactfully exclaimed we had another appointment in 5 minutes.

    Nightmare averted.

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