Interviews with Japanese developers are typically very funny and laid back, whereas in the West we have a habit of things being more formal, and well, often like this:

Not so in with this interview between Eurogamer and Epic Games' Mark Rein. Here's a sample...

Eurogamer: I know you haven't made any announcements regarding a possible third instalment in the Gears of War series, and I know you hate stupid questions along those lines. So when is Gears of War 3 out?

Mark Rein: Haha! Gears of War what?

Eurogamer: Gears of War 3. You made quite a successful series of shooter games called Gears of War, do you remember?

Mark Rein: You know we're still working on Gears of War 2, right?

Eurogamer: No, Gears of War 2 was released last November. Didn't anyone tell you? Have they pretended you're still working on it all this time?

Mark Rein: We've just put out title update four and we have new DLC...

Eurogamer: Yeah, no one cares about that. When's Gears of War 3 out?

Mark Rein: We've got the Dark Corners pack coming out...

Eurogamer: Is that the codename for Gears of War 3?

Mark Rein: No. That is the pack we announced. So that's coming, there's lots of stuff going on for Gears of War 2 right now.

Eurogamer: What about Gears of War 3?

Mark Rein: Never heard of it.

Eurogamer: Are you saying there literally isn't a single piece of paper in your office or email in your inbox with the phrase "Gears of War 3" on it?

Mark Rein: Well there's probably "Gears of War" and then somewhere the number 3 in an email, but it's probably saying, 'Let's talk about Gears of War 2 at 3 o'clock today.'
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