Whether you believe the rumor that Eidos are "fixing" Batman: Arkham Asylum's reviews or not, the first review has been released nontheless. Popular UK gaming mag 'GamesMaster Magazine' were very impressed with the game, giving it a score of 96/100 and calling it "One Of The Finest Games Of This Generation".

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Graphics: Beautifully designed/animated - The attention to detail is almost unparalleled. 92%
Gameplay: Breathtakingly good - it brilliantly weaves several styles of gameplay together. 96%
Lifespan: You can steam through it in 12 hours but you'll want to savour it. 91%
Overall: Not only the best Batman game ever, but one of the finest games of this generation. 96%
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    Storm Jul 24, 09
    UK gaming magazine, no wonder I've never heard of them. xD Decent review, hope it lives up to the hype. I'd only take off a point for them not showcasing Nightwing, but meh.
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    chautemoc Jul 24, 09
    One month early, front cover, Eidos' history? Yeah I believe the rumour -- GamesMaster UK is now "One of the Sleaziest Publications of this Generation" to me, at least until proven innocent. That said, game looks *bleep*ing fabulous.
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    DragonMaster Dyne Jul 24, 09
    This review is just further proof that Batman rules the universe.

    I also love the fact that the game WHEN PLAYED THROUGH QUICKLY still can take around 12 hours. That means we're looking at around 15-16 hours (atleast) if searching for collectibles and exploring the Island.
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    Darknet Jul 24, 09
    Harley should not have a bigger rack than Poison Ivy. :/
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      chautemoc Jul 25, 09
      They look roughly the same -- keep in mind Harley is wearing a pushup. Can't believe I'm talking about this.

      Sweet find by the way, "Miss Razz."
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        Miss Razz Jul 25, 09
        I stole this news from DMD

        (p.s. if you tighten the straps on a push-up bra, it makes your boobs squish against your chest and look a few cup sizes bigger than they really are. Hurts like a bitch though. Just sayin'... Maybe Harley did that. )
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          chautemoc Jul 25, 09
          Thanks for the pertinent information.
        • 4
          Miss Razz Jul 25, 09
          I like to share

          25 characters
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          dwg14390 Jul 26, 09
          Hurts like a bitch you say?

          And how would you know that Go--..."Miss Razz"?

          Ivy still looks hot. I need this game.
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    Star of Spurs Jul 25, 09
    The game looks insane, but there's no way that it would be rated higher than some of the great games this generation like Left 4 Dead or Fallout 3. Pretty sure it's been paid.

    That said, I'm expecting 8/10's most of the time.
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      chautemoc Jul 26, 09
      By some coincidence, I think Fallout 3 at least is vastly overrated.
      It's a joke -- writing awards for shit dialogue..and some of the reviews and the stuff they praise is ridiculous.
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    DragonMaster Dyne Jul 26, 09
    You steal all of your B:AA news from me, Roz. Haha.

    And you never know, Spurs; This game could end up being that amazing. Plus, different opinions will be had as to the quality of this title. You might think Left 4 Dead is one of the "great games this generation", but I didn't think much of the title.
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      Storm Jul 26, 09
      You didn't like L4D? *takes DMD off friends list* Well your opinion sucks then.

      You getting this for the 360 or PS3?
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        DragonMaster Dyne Jul 26, 09
        L4D was okay. Albiet, I'm basing my opinion off of the demo, but still.

        I'm getting the game for the 360. I really only use my PS3 for movies. Plus, I get multi-plats on the 360 for achievements.

        I might have to rent the game on the PS3 for the Joker challenge map(s) though.
        • 0
          Storm Jul 26, 09
          The demo? Get it for the PC and I'll show you a good time.

          Yeah I do the same with my PS3 (movies), also getting it for the 360. Reserved it literally a day before they gave out the exclusive details with Joker on the PS3. I won't bother with changing it though, may also do the renting.
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    Dragoon Jul 27, 09
    This review makes all other games look bad But I can't wait for it. :3
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      chautemoc Jul 27, 09
      It also makes all other gaming media outlets look bad.

      "To describe Arkham Asylum as the best ever Batman game would be doing it a disservice. It might be absolutely true but it's hardly glowing praise."

      "Hates: That it has to end.
      Waiting for the inevitable sequel."

      Um, yeah, OKAY.

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