After Valve's initial fiasco with Left 4 Dead 2's box art in North America, it seems another has popped up in the UK -- apparently the "reverse V" gesture with the palm facing inward shown on the NA cover symbolizes victory, and essentially means "F U" in the UK.

One story of its origins dates back to battles between the French and British; back then captured British archers would have these fingers cut off so they could no longer fire their longbows (nobody said war was pretty). Amusingly, the archers then invented this gesture to show they still had their fingers and were about to use their longbows appropriately. You can read more about it here.

So with that, we have the new UK box art, pictured here, which now looks more like the "peace" sign than anything. Possibly Valve's inner hippie coming to the forefront, a Winston Churchill reference (he used the gesture often), or a move of political correctness.

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  • 3
    Cruxis Mana Aug 6, 09
    I didn't know the gesture didn't mean the same in the US. =P.

    Now I know!
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      chautemoc Aug 6, 09
      Yeah, it's meaningless to North Americans.
      I was reading the creators of the Buffy TV series would have the Spike character make the gesture, with the network execs being none the clip ran in the intro for an entire season I believe..hehe.
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      Fallen Royalty Aug 6, 09
      I'd never heard of the gesture my whole life before I read this article.
    • 0
      Dragoon Aug 7, 09
      Haha me neither. XD Tbh I didn't know the UK was recieving a different cover for this game than the US. That's 2 of my 16 a day.
  • 4
    kik36 Aug 6, 09
    LMFAO I keep thinking of Hot Fuzz where the cop keeps giving everyone the V and telling them to "Jog On" LMFAO
  • 0
    Diamond Master Aug 6, 09
    Looks better, in my opinion.
  • 0
    lord of vice city Aug 6, 09
    ahh, political correctness gone mad again

    no ones gonna really care if the boxart is giving them the "V" sign
    if anything,its adds to the humour
  • 0
    Hideo1 Aug 6, 09
    Zombies flipping you off...
    Zombies giving you the peace sign...

    Yeah, this way makes more sense. xD
  • 0
    DarkLordAkuma Aug 6, 09
    Yea as the article actually states, its a load of crap. I also saw something on QI about this, they basically researched it and found in no academic account whatsoever, does it ever state the V Sign to have been used back then. A nice story, but unfortunately a load of crap
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    TurMoiL911 Aug 6, 09
    Wow, I didn't even know that. I bet there were so pissed off people in the UK.

    The UK boxart is bringing up old memories of this asshole:

    No offense to UK viewers.
    • 1
      Slumpy monkey Aug 6, 09
      That's not the one offensive. Its the other way around that is offensive.
    • 1
      pooOBKp Aug 6, 09
      Richard Nixon did quite a lot of good things in his life. He got caught doing crap he shouldn't have but it doesn't mean he still didn't do all the things he did while alive.
  • 0
    Aussie Legend Aug 6, 09
    I hope we get the golden non-flipping bird one thanks. It looks much more smexy
  • 0
    Absolute Aug 6, 09
    I have a good friend who is British, and the last time he came over to America to visit I gave him and his family the V (peace sign over here)....he lol'd.....his family didn't....D:
  • 0
    Kave En Aug 7, 09
    Box art fail. Lmao.

  • 2
    BANDITO ATTACK Aug 7, 09
    no, i think they had it right the first time. *bleep* you guys.
  • 0
    Twin_Master Aug 7, 09
    This is absolutely bullshit. I couldn't see anything with the cover in the first damn place!
  • 0
    FinalFantasyFanaticc Aug 7, 09
    Goddamn, i prefer the one that's flipping people off, the other one looks too hippie like =/
  • 1
    Storm Aug 7, 09
    It's just a box art. xD
    • 2
      BANDITO ATTACK Aug 8, 09
      90% of everybody is just gonna download it on steam anyway @_@

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