It seems to be a pet peeve of many gamers with the European copy of Disgaea 3: Absense of Justice, and seeing how the Downloadable Content still hasn't been released in the EU unlike our North American counter-parts it's one that's definitely justifiable.

However, with the recent announcement that DLC will be coming to the Playstation Store this month, more news has surfaced, this time about the trophies patch.

Many have worried that it will never come or if it does it'll be next year or even the year after... whilst it isn't as nice a release date as the DLC, you can be sure that it will indeed be this year. The NIS representative that we spoke to was kind enough to confirm that it was not just on it's way, but should be released in Fall 2009. So for those of you holding off on getting yourself Disgaea 3 due to it not having trophies, all I can say is - What are you waiting for?

The Disgaea 3 Trophy Patch should be out in Fall 09. For the moment, that’s as close a date as I can give you.
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