The 'good news' episode of The Bender. Mostly for us, but still good news. Lots of ground covered, including a little touching of the "games as art debate", James taking on the "10 day detox" of video games, and much more. Grab us/stream through iTunes or download the mp3 here

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The Bender on All Games Radio? Hell yeah!

“Games as Art” or “Destructoid’s Anthony Burch vs. David Jaffe” Talk


First-Hand Rumor Regarding Potential Tony Hawk: Ride Delay

Double Fine, Activision Settle Brutal Legend Lawsuit.

Call of Duty 4 Coming to Wii, to be Ported by Treyarch

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Suggests “Detox” for Game Players…in which our very own Mr James Walker gladly accepts

List of Xbox 360 “Games on Demand” coming August 11th.

Crytek Threatens to Leave Germany if Violent Games are Banned

Protesters Planning to Protest Army’s Video Game Recruitment Center… Again

ECA Wants YOU to Tell Congress that Net Neutrality is Good

Guitar Hero: Van Halen gets full track list, release date

Bobby Kotick is STILL The Devil…


Six Days in Fallujah Dev Sees Layoffs

StarCraft II Delayed. The World Goes Dark

No more Fallout 3 content

Microsoft has the AUDACITY to License a Song Used in a PS3 Game! That cute song from LittleBigPlanet? Yeah, it’s used in an Xbox 360 ad. Surely it is the END OF DAYS!

RIP John Hughes
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