Square Enix have published quite a few of Tri-Ace's games in the past, but this time around Tri-Ace have decided they want SEGA to publish their upcoming RPG Resonance of Fate (known as End of Eternity in Japan). And there's a reason for it. According to Tri-Ace developer and RoF's director Takayuki Suguro, "SEGA has a more open attitude towards accepting new RPG ideas than Square Enix, we'd decided to have SEGA release End of Eternity."

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Tri-Ace's upcoming role-playing-game End of Eternity (Resonance of Fate in the West) is being published by SEGA, not Square Enix.

Explains tri-Ace developer and EoE director Takayuki Suguro, "Because SEGA has a more open attitude towards accepting new RPG ideas than Square Enix, we'd decided to have SEGA release End of Eternity." Previously, Suguro worked on Square Enix titles Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics.
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  • 5
    BANDITO ATTACK Aug 11, 09
    anybody who didn't already know this has never played more than one final fantasy game.
    • 0
      Flippy Aug 11, 09
      Er...I played 3 FF but I never knew. D:

      Hahaha, yeah Square-Enix needs a wake-up call. >_>
  • 2
    Neo Windu Aug 11, 09
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are so right. It doesn't even matter to the players though. RPG fans will buy Resonance of Fate and Final Fantasy games. Just more for us to play.
  • 2
    kik36 Aug 11, 09
    Good on Tri-Ace. SE needs a few kicks in the nuts to realize they're still riding their glory from 10-20 years ago.
  • 1
    Hideo1 Aug 11, 09
    Isn't this just another way of saying they were too busy so Tri-Ace jumped to Sega instead?
    • 4
      BANDITO ATTACK Aug 11, 09
      no, it's means they actually had some ideas that are somewhat innovative for the RPG genre, and square enix is only on-board with 100% safe-bet formulaic games - so they went SEGA so they could actually make the game how they wanted.
      • 1
        Hideo1 Aug 11, 09
        It has guns, androgynous teen emos, over-the-top Rtardated action sequences and a story which involves some form of oppressive faction oppressing the cool people oppressively.

        Seems right up Square's alley to me.
        • 1
          BANDITO ATTACK Aug 12, 09
          well, there must have been something slightly interesting in there somewhere - otherwise square wouldn't have disapproved :\
        • 1
          Hideo1 Aug 12, 09
          Or, they're just making fifty bazillion other games right now and don't feel like taking on another.

          I honestly fail to see anything innovative about this game; people are just assuming Square are being dick-heads because everyone's butthurt about FF13.
  • 1
    Bale Fire Aug 11, 09
    Considering SEGA produces titles like Valkyria Chronicles, I'd say this is pretty accurate.
  • 2
    Raijin1999 Aug 12, 09
    Old news, as stated. If anybody recalls the controversy with Xenogears (surprised that game was released at all), you'd know how Square has loved to live inside the box. (no pun intended)

    The RPG genre has grown stale in no small part thanks to Square's non-efforts to improve upon their own releases. Coupled with imitators, we haven't really seen the true potential of the genre on today's gaming machines as often as we should.

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