A brand new trailer for Mass Effect 2 has just been shown during EA's press conference centering around new Krogan teammate Grunt as well as the Omega space station.

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    TurMoiL911 Aug 18, 09
    Who the hell is this Grunt guy ? WREX OR GTFO.

    Holy crap, wait a minute. What if we can have Grunt and Wrex in our squad AT THE SAME TIME !? OHSHI-

    On a side-note, asari pole dancers = *bleep* yeah.
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      Spectre Aug 18, 09
      Holy shit... If we could have both that would be amazing.

      Wrex was one of the greatest video game characters ever. Along with HK-47, he is the shit.

      Grunt seems cool though. He's got a badass voice.
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        RabidChinaGirl Aug 18, 09
        Grunt seems like a decent heir to the "badass Krogan" title.
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        TurMoiL911 Aug 18, 09
        If Bioware could somehow work out a KOTOR/Mass Effect crossover that features HK-47 and Wrex as playable teammates, I will find the lead designer of Bioware and marry that person.
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    DystopiaSticker Aug 18, 09
    I wasn't a huge Wrex fan. Grunt seems pretty cool and like quaver said, he has an awesome voice. I'm sure I'll end up liking him more than Wrex.
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    Theory of Chaos Aug 18, 09
    The new animations breathe new life into these characters. Watching Grunt get shot, recoil, and then charge is some good stuff.

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