Gregory Gay at recently wrote an interesting blog on random things that you may have never noticed about the Pokemon franchise. Go to the source for the full article.

Pokemon is a pretty crazy franchise. Sure, any series that has had that many titles is sure to get complicated, especially one full of hundreds upon hundreds of characters. There are bound to be tons of cool little facts and references that have fallen through the cracks.

Fortunately, I’m crazy enough to have put in the time and effort to research a few of the cooler ones. Did you know about the relationship between Pokemon and the Sega platformer Pulseman? How about the origin of Mareep’s name or the reason why certain Pokemon occupy certain Pokedex positions? Oh, and do you know truth of what lies beneath Cubone’s mask?

Do I have your interest? Read on, young Pokemon trainer.
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    Play ISDF Aug 30, 09
    Haha! Wow, even if it does prove that someone might be either slightly too obsessed, or just exceptionally observant, none the less it's rather entertaining in it's own way.
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    Dine_Agoti Aug 30, 09
    That was a very interesting read, I never noticed any of those things before. Cubone is actually my favorite Pokemon, haha.
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    Bale Fire Aug 30, 09
    The number things was pretty clever, I would never have seen that.
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    Storm Aug 30, 09
    Haha, Cubone and Kangaskhan. I always heard the speculation that Cubone resembles Charmander without the skull helmet.
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    Flippy Aug 30, 09
    Cubone=Kangaskan baby.
    'M=Kangaskan baby.
    That Marowak=Ghost.

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    Twin_Master Aug 31, 09
    A lot of interesting things. I liked the coincidence in the numbers.
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    Fallen Royalty Aug 31, 09

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    Tiger of Wu Aug 31, 09
    That last one blew my *bleep*ing mind XD Awesome.
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    Lost in Azure Sep 3, 09
    I can't believe I never noticed the Girafarig thing and the uno-dos-tres at the end of Articuno's, Zapdos's, and Moltres's name. o:

    I don't really see the cubone/kangaskan thing though.
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    Dragoshi1 Sep 3, 09
    They didn't mention the fact that plusle and minun and marill's forms all look like pikachu

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