With all the talk about the PS3 Slim and the Xbox 360's price drop, All Age Gaming takes a look at the value of money of the consoles now and whether the 360 has the quality exclusives it needs to stop potential console buyers swaying towards the PS3.

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    Daweii Aug 31, 09
    Personally no. A lot of their games are sequels to titles people will have possibly bought the console to play in the first place. So the sequels and expansions are only catering to those that own the 360 already. I personally feel that Sony has the console selling triple threat. They have Gran Turismo 5 which like it's past incarnations has proven to shift units and sell tens of millions of copies. God of War 3 is the much want sequel to one of the most popular franchise last gen and well Uncharted 2 is just looking unstoppable. Yes the Xbox 360 has good games but if games were driving sales they would have sold more consoles by now.
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      Seproth Aug 31, 09
      quote Daweii
      Personally no. A lot of their games are sequels
      quote Daweii
      Gran Turismo 5. God of War 3 Uncharted 2
      Sequel Sequel Sequel.

      Honestly it's a toss up, as it's always been. Neither is going to "win" despite price drops and slim models, they'll both keep on trucking and both sides will be happy as hell come this holiday.
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    Province Aug 31, 09
    I favour that no for now.

    MAG, Uncharted 2, GOW3 & GT5 are the most anticipated games on the clock with Mass Effect maybe in the middle of them. I dont see Forza matching GT5's hype or sales to console ratio :S

    GOW3 will be that critically acclaimed masterpiece only the select audience purchase.

    MAG, could prove to be a COD type bomb. Decent acclaim and good sales.
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    Shinobi_razor Aug 31, 09
    360 has good exclusives lined up, not as much this year but all the big ones moved to 2010.

    anyway, the Slim is a piece of junk from where i stand, i wouldnt want one if you gave it to me (id sell it though). then again, the PS2 Slim is a piece of junk too so no surprise. im glad i got a 60 gig on eBay, the regular old school PS3s are a lot better and they dont look cheaply made like the Slim.
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    rrquinta Sep 2, 09
    Honestly, if you are strictly talking "value," the PS3 is always going to win. In the US now, you can pay the same for a comparable 360 or PS3 slim, but the PS3 gives you free online play and BluRay. Unless you already own a BluRay player or have absolutely no interest in HD video, then that is enough value right there, regardless of what games are available, considering a BluRay player will set you back $200-400. Add to that the fact that you can upgrade the HD with any brand (unlike 360) and all you need is an HDMI cable (which you can get for $5), value-wise, the PS3 is the winner. This doesn't say anything about quality of the games, etc. Just overall "value" for your money, as quality of games and all that is subjective.

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