Modern Warfare is one of the most popular games to be released in the past 10 years as far as multiplayer is concerned and Modern Warfare 2 looks to top that. Not only will the same mechanics from MW1 be refined but new ones such as the ability to carry shields and dual wield weapons will also be added. Check out a glimpse of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode in this exciting new trailer.

Last week we got a new glimpse at Modern Warfare 2 thanks to a bootleg video that was taken at a Gamecrazy conference. Even a bootleg video with a small amount of action was enough to get the legion of MW fans foaming at the mouth so I can't wait to see what happens when they check out this latest video.
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    TurMoiL911 Sep 1, 09
    • Domination seems to have a similar feel to it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    • I don't still shields being that big of an issue. I don't know if they're going to be a perk or a primary weapon, but as long as you're limited to your side-arm, it should be fine. Also, Vegas 2 had riot shileds in multiplayer and almost nobody uses them.

    • Knife throwing looks interesting. Perk, maybe ? I'm sure there's a maximum range to it so it's not abused.
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      dmf_dynasty Sep 1, 09
      Dunno. It really depends on the game with how shields go. Seeing as pistols are super deadly anyway in CoD, I can see shields being one of those things the community labels as cheap. But you probably can't use aim down the sights with the shield, which should hopefully help a bit.
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    Shattered Sep 1, 09
    Yeah in CoD4 I could use a pistol like a *bleep*ing machine gun, I swear. But if IW disables the use of aiming down the sights it should be fine.

    As for knife throwing I think anyone should be able to do it, but once you throw it you wont be able to pick it up again (making you have no melee, although I suppose you could use your fists)
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    Bin Sponge Sep 1, 09
    I too do not see the shield being much of an issue; I would hope it works so that you cannot shield and shoot at the same time.
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      Seproth Sep 1, 09
      You should be able to, just not be able to shield fully. Vegas did it just fine, the only time I used it was for terrorist hunt, which was actually tons of fun.
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    Darknet Sep 1, 09
    Wow those guys on the opposite team sucked.
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    Roke Sep 2, 09
    I think that the shield should not leave you completely protected from the front and that you should have to more slowly with it. Hopefully if it does turn out to be too unbalanced IW release a patch to fix it.
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    cgauld7 Sep 2, 09
    Good to see they've got CTF in the game.

    The knife throwing will hopefully be in the perk 1 slot.
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    Metallica Sep 2, 09
    This is one game that may be the best release this year, it's looking awesome as expected.

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