Electronic Theatre hosts the final box art design for Square Enix's forthcoming Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on Nintendo DS, set for release across PAL territories on October 9th, 2009.

Square Enix Ltd., the official publisher of Square Enix products in PAL territories, has revealed the final box art design for the forthcoming European release of Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days. This highly anticipated release will be the first title in the Kingdom Hearts series to arrive on Nintendo DS.
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    Cruxis Mana Sep 11, 09
    Glad they stuck with the Japanese cover.
  • 0
    Bale Fire Sep 11, 09
    Looks great, its got this whole watercolor style to it.
  • 0
    kik36 Sep 12, 09
    Got it on pre-order.....can't wait!
  • 0
    Tainted Sep 13, 09
    Gaaah, it looks so awesome, and yet I don't have the money to get this AND Scribblenauts! Why?!?!?!?

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