If you thought Gamesradar's Top 7 Shower Scenes in Video Games list was random, here's one that is even more random (and even more bathroom related). Go to the source for Gamesradar's Top 9 Filthiest Bathrooms In Gaming...

Silent Hill 3

In a tight bind, when our bowels simply can’t hold out any longer, the standards for where we’ll rest our rear-ends drop sharply. But even if we had industrial strength diarrhoea, the one thing we’d always insist on is an adequate amount of light so we can see where we’re depositing our business. Sadly, Silent Hill’s dingy and disgusting John can’t quite keep up with these rigorous standards.

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  • 1
    BANDITO ATTACK Oct 19, 09
    toilets were often a lifesaver for me in fallout 3.. an infinite fountain of health at the cost of twelve zillion radiation. but no matter how radiated you got nothing ever even happened anyway, so who cares
  • 8
    Existence Oct 19, 09
    Someones running out of ideas for "top xx" lists. -_-
  • 1
    Kingy Oct 19, 09

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