L33T Speak probably isn't something you want to teach someone, if only because it is an annoying way to type. But an American reporter decided that Japan needs to learn the fine nuances of the 'l33t' language and the Japanese audience seemed thrilled with this new way of typing!


Their reporter visited Temple University’s Japan campus, where an American guy teaches them about “gr8″ and “b4.”

They then quiz Japanese teens about the meaning of “gr8″ and one girl says it means that there are “eight gyaru lolitas.” After the reporter teaches them that it actually means “great,” they say that it could also be used in Japan.

At the end of the clip, a group of Americans introduces Western-style heart and smiley emoticons
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    RabidChinaGirl Oct 27, 09
    Razz, you make me hate Japan. I've been there and you still make me hate Japan.
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    chautemoc Oct 27, 09
    They're spying on us. I'm readying my tinfoil hat.
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      Play ISDF Oct 27, 09
      Considering how this is about L33T speak, which is used like the plague in forums, chatrooms, over messenger programs, etc, personally I think this line is so much more fitting: "I put on my robe and wizard hat."

      Old jokes aside, Japan... PLEASE DON'T GO THERE!
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    RaidenXS Oct 27, 09
    dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
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    Bale Fire Oct 27, 09
    No, don't give the Japanese L33T! They'll become even more unstoppable online, it'll be their second language in a week!
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    Dragoshi1 Oct 27, 09
    The Japanese are gods already, give them L33T SPEAK and they shall become....

    Earthworms. Lords of time and space.
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    Rabla Oct 27, 09
    Well were all screwed now D=
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    Shinobi_razor Oct 28, 09
    where have they been the last 10 years?

    the part with the emoticons at the end was funny. "oooooooh! hearto!"
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    Existence Oct 28, 09
    ....Windows Ultraman, and now this.

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    Shadow of Death Oct 28, 09
    Just don't let it appear in the video games, and I am fine with them being amused by it...

    I mean, it isn't like I go to Japanese chat rooms/forums (I can't read Kanji or anything like that, after all).

    It's kind of amusing though, to see them going 'Ooohhh' over such things though XD

    But seriously, they AREN'T studying it in school are they? 0_o

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