We've all heard about EA's unique marketing strategy for Dante's Inferno, but this one really takes it to the extreme. It all began with a box addressed to Yahtzee from EA. Inside it were a set of goggles, a small ball peen hammer, and a little recording of the infamous song- "Never gonna give you up...". Yahtzee proceeded to smash the box to bits, trying to stop the song, and he found a simple note from EA. Certainly a clever and amusing move for publicity, but could this also be EA's little dig at Yahtzee for giving Brutal Legend a less than stellar review?

It seemed pretty obvious that the wooden box addressed to Yahtzee had something to do with Dante's Inferno, given that the inside of the lid read "The Fifth Circle of Hell Is Close." Members of The Escapist staff crowded around the box, eager to find out what was inside. We were somewhat bemused to discover nothing but a small burlap bundle containing safety goggles and a ball peen hammer.

Then the music began, and it all became horrifically clear.

"Never Gonna Give You Up..."

We all got a good chuckle as we realized that EA had just managed to Rickroll Yahtzee through the mail, but our laughter quickly died out when we discovered that closing the box didn't shut off the song. Yahtzee looked at us, then at the box, then at the hammer in his hand.

And then he got to work.
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  • 0
    Aussie Legend Oct 29, 09
    Least EA has a sense of humor.

    *looks sternly at Activision*
  • 0
    Dine_Agoti Oct 29, 09
    Hahah, that's downright brilliant.
  • 0
    Bale Fire Oct 29, 09
    Funny as hell, even on the receiving end Yahtzee's hilarious
  • 0
    conel3 Oct 29, 09
    Pecking order
    Activision by far the worst
    Ubisoft a bit better
    EA much better.
  • 1
    redneonfish Oct 30, 09
    Seems like ages ago that everybody was angry at EA.
  • 0
    Audioslave Oct 30, 09
    If Yahtzee doesn't mention this in his next review I'll be sad. Very sad.
    • 0
      Existence Oct 30, 09
      He'll probably write an Extra Punctuation about it.
  • 0
    Curt Connors Oct 30, 09
    Worthy prank to pull, whoever works for EA and thought that up deserves a few extra dollars in their pay at the end of the month.
    I hope the Escapist thought to shoot video though.
  • 0
    HisServant77 Oct 30, 09
    Dylan Jobe sent me a similar review from that EA sent the box to someone else. Pretty funny. Now I gotta watch how Yatzee does it.
  • 0
    Province Oct 30, 09
    I sense retribution on the horizon (-_-)

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