For a long time Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has wanted to make a multiplayer Mario game. Now it's possible with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, thanks to "the graphical capacity of Wii console"...

"It was all thanks to the graphical capacity of Wii console. If two players or more are simultaneously controlling Mario and Luigi in the same screen on a platformer game, the slower player will be left behind by the faster player, beyond the game screen. This time the screen zooms in and out accordingly, thanks to the capacity of the Wii console. The camera can zoom out as far as three times wider where you can see a very small Mario running around, and zoom in to show huge Mario and Luigi. The camera will work automatically and simultaneously, according to the position of four players. That’s how we realized a Mario game which can be played by up to four players at the same time."

Miyamoto also believes the multiplayer mode helps balance the game for different skill levels.

"If there is one veteran player among four players, he or she can lead the other three and they don’t have to do much. People can enjoy a kind of play like peeking inside Bowser’s castle to see how scary it is."
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  • 5
    Ready Start L_Arc Nov 5, 09
    graphical capacity? wii? wut?

    lol w/e floats this guy's boat. tbh, this isn't much to be proud of at all. Well, maybe for Nintendo it is I guess =/
    • 2
      Big A2 Nov 5, 09
      He's obviously comparing to previous Nintendo console.
      • 3
        dwg14390 Nov 6, 09
        But, but there's hardly a difference between the Gamecube and the wii!
        • 1
          Big A2 Nov 6, 09
          Well, at least there's more difference between the GC and Wii than there is between the PS1 and PS3.
        • 7
          FinalFantasyFanaticc Nov 6, 09
          Your trying to say that the PS1 and PS3 aren't much different? Yet the Wii and Gamecube are?

          My god, your just like Reggie. The Wii is just a Gamecube with a motion sensor attached, The PS3 is COMPLETELY different to the PS1 the only thing thats stayed the same is the controller.
        • 1
          Big A2 Nov 7, 09
          Well, when you get right down to it, it's just improved graphics, sound, memory and whatever. Nintendo at least tried to do something different.

          Just a thought though. I wasn't trying to take a bite at Sony.
        • 4
          dwg14390 Nov 7, 09
          At first I thought you where joking, then I thought you where serious, but that is some dumb ass logic right there.

          Judging by that logic there is absolutely no difference whastoever between the gamecube and the wii except the wii is smaller and has a controller that allows you to waggle mindlessly for no real purpose.

          So the cell processor, blue-ray, psn, wi-fi, all this was in the PSX?
        • 3
          Moonrise Nov 8, 09
          Increased processor and graphics capabilities as well as a much larger storage medium, which means the capability for much better graphics, sound, physics while having larger, more in-depth games. Motion capability for added small features in games, as well as capable online allowing people to play with people all over the world.

          I suppose the Wii really brings so much more to the table over the gamecube than that.
        • 0
          dwg14390 Nov 8, 09
          obviously when you put it like that then DURRRR

          But then compare that between the difference between the PSX and PS3 and even Xbox and 360 and it still trumps that.

          And what much better graphics?

          Sure the wii looks pretty and gorgeous at times but really it still seems like a nicely polished gamecube.
        • 1
          Moonrise Nov 9, 09
          Dude you DO realize that I was referring to the PS3...right?
        • 0
          dwg14390 Nov 9, 09
          Sorry, your last sentence made it seem like you where talking about the wii.
        • 1
          Moonrise Nov 9, 09
          My last sentence was a satirical remark about how the Wii supposedly has more upgrades than the ones I listed of the PS3 over the PS1 (and PS2).
        • 1
          Zero and X Nov 10, 09
          Actually the Wii is basically the power of two gamecubes combined aswell as the motion sensory.
        • 1
          Tiger of Wu Nov 10, 09
          Well, when you get right down to it, it's just improved graphics, sound, memory and whatever. Nintendo at least tried to do something different.

          Motion controllers have been done before. Graphics, sound, memory and the many intricacies and wonders implied in that 'whatever' is what makes a console able to run brilliant games. The Wii is just a gamecube with an Eyetoy attachment, which I'll remind you came beforehand. It wasn't trying something new at all.

          If you like the Wii then like it. More power to you. Just stop talking such utter bullshit, because you know as well as we do that over half the things you say in defense of the Wii is a crock of bollocks.
        • 0
          Shinobi_razor Nov 10, 09
          the Power Glove was motion sensing and that came out a long time ago. it worked once in a while but it still worked.
        • 0
          Big A2 Nov 10, 09
          Do you guys feel a little happier now? Great.
        • 2
          Moonrise Nov 11, 09
          Everyone feels happier after a good laugh.
        • 1
          Tiger of Wu Nov 11, 09
          No, but if you get off to being smug about being stupid then enjoy it whilst it lasts. Soon enough you'll actually read what you write and the realization will come
  • 17
    ProudLoz Nov 6, 09
    If you couldn't include Peach as a multiplayer choice because of her "dress" you can't brag about your console graphical capacity.
    • 1
      InsanityS Nov 8, 09
      I have to agree. It seems silly to boast this when they couldn't be arsed to put in the effort for Peach.
  • 1
    Aussie Legend Nov 6, 09
    Is the whole of Nintendo high these days? They haven't made a logical statement in a very long time.
  • 1
    Gamesta100 Nov 6, 09
    There should really be a site where people post the dumbest things in the world people have said.

    The PS3 not much different to the PS1? Yeah and Men and Women aren't much different either
  • 4
    Moonrise Nov 8, 09
    This "graphical capability" has been available since the Nintendo 64. Am I the only one that remembers the original Super Smash Bros?
  • 2
    tballa Nov 9, 09
    So basically he's saying the gamecube and nintendo didn't have the graphical capability to zoom in and out?
  • 2
    Shinobi_razor Nov 9, 09
    LMAO, wow, ok so basically its only now possible to have a 4 player simultaneous game? arent you about 15 years behind the times there Nintendo?
  • 3
    MusiKon Nov 10, 09
    So a Wii game that looks like a DS game has multiplayer because it's on the Wii, even though it could've been just as easily supported (and proved to be) as a mode on the DS?

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