The PS3 outsold the Wii for the first time since its launch in September. But Nintendo's Reggie isn't fazed by this. In a recent interview with GameTrailers he pointed out that the PS3 had a longer period to sell after it's price drop and therefore should be "put it in perspective"...


“So far it’s selling really well. We’ve been very pleased with the numbers. We’re really pleased as we get ready for the holiday season…You know, you have to put it in perspective. (Sony) had five full weeks of price reduction in their favor, we had the one week. And even with that, the gap was pretty small.”
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    RabidChinaGirl Nov 6, 09
    I see you used a proper image this time, Razz!
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      Miss Razz Nov 6, 09
      I've learnt my lesson

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    Daweii Nov 7, 09
    Umm i'll say it again... He's a *bleep*ing retard.
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    ProudLoz Nov 7, 09
    What? The Wii just got a little $50 price cut? Talk to me when you take away $100 like the PS3 and the Xbox 360.
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      redneonfish Nov 7, 09
      The Wii's already cheaper than the other two, $50 means it costs next to nothing.
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    dwg14390 Nov 7, 09
    I swear somewhere along the line Miyamoto or the other top Nintendo execs said or did something so bad to Reggie that he is now holding a personal vendetta against Nintendo and is saying all this stupid shit to run Ninty's rep into the ground.

    Tis the only possible explanation.

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