This week's The Bender features gaming vet Raychul Moore. She comes into the lion's den swinging defending and offending our regular cast. The topics of Lego Rock Band, Star Wars, The Beatles, OnLive on cell phones, Arkham Asylum, and Seaman all come up, as well as our picks for "Game of the Year So Far". Listen live/stream through iTunes here or download the mp3 directly here

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-Pandemic Studios Closes…

-…Which May Have Been The Right Call on EA’s Part

-Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Nominees Revealed

-Halo Reach To Be Shown Off At Spike’s Awards, too.

-A Call of Duty MMO?!

-Speaking of Which, Are There Hidden Game Modes in MW2?

-Activision Talks Out Their Ass, Says Gamers “Demand” To Pay Subscription for Call of Duty
This Week in Crime!

-Kid Misbehaves. Parents Confiscate Xbox. Kid Calls Police.

-Another Kid Forced to Buy PlayStation 3 At Gunpoint

-Somebody Makes Off With 100 Copies of Modern Warfare 2
Back to the News

-Sony Wants 3D Gaming By 2010

-PlayStation Network Gets Subscriptions, Online Play Still Free.

-OnLive Not Dead, Apparently Will Run on Cell Phones

-This… This Can’t Be Real…

If you loved Raychul as much as we did, check her out on Twitter @theRaychul, find her goings ons at her website, and also hear her sweet voice every Monday on the GameTopia podcast.
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