Remember the Twitter promotion for Final Fantasy XIII Microsoft was running recently? Well, the tweet quota has been met and the exclusive downloadable item is an adorable baby Chocobo accessory for your avatar.

If you missed out on the Twitter registration you can still receive the Chocobo by simply registering your Xbox LIVE account without having to do anything else. The download codes will be sent out via email next month.

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  • 2
    Dragoshi1 Nov 25, 09
    Awesome, I signed up, can't wait for my baby chocobo
    • 1
      McClubbin Nov 25, 09
      Haha yeah I signed up for it right before I submitted this to make sure you could actually receive it and I wasn't dashing anybody's hopes. Who doesn't love free stuff, right?
  • 0
    FinalFantasyFanaticc Nov 25, 09
    I was damn surprised when i found out this was available in the UK too, even though they wouldn't let anyone outside of the US register to tweet for it.

    Oh well, Free chocobo!
    • 0
      Aussie Legend Dec 31, 09
      I registered for the tweet one, and I'm from Australia, so I don't think it mattered lol.
  • 0
    tekmosis Nov 26, 09
    I signed up for my chocobo
  • 0
    RabidChinaGirl Dec 31, 09
    Hey everyone, it's out today~
  • 0
    dwg14390 Dec 31, 09
    But, but in FF13 the chocobos are huge!

    I just put it on my download queue. Good thing I signed up for this too.
    • 0
      Dragoshi1 Dec 31, 09
      Not the baby one that the afro guy has, that one is small

      Got my Chobi by the way,guys
  • 0
    Aussie Legend Dec 31, 09
    Already got mine

    Kinda annoyed actually that people get a second chance to get it, I thought I was special having it

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