If you don't have Adblocker, chances are you've seen the internet ads for the online game Evony, which use pictures of boobs and porn stars to entice people into playing. It's pretty obvious there's something fishy about Evony, and someone has put a lot of time and money into finding out the truth (or rather, the lies) behind the game...

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    RabidChinaGirl Nov 27, 09
    Why are my people so damn shady?
  • 0
    RaidenXS Nov 27, 09
    he sounds like Paul Eiding almost. "Colonel, you know I've never defused a bomb before!"
  • 3
    FinalFantasyFanaticc Nov 27, 09
    Wow, finally someone exposes this crap, i'm sick of seeing the damn adverts posted on every single site i go to.
  • 0
    Gamesta100 Nov 27, 09
    I forgot about this add that used to be everywhere.Thank you ad blocker pro.
  • 4
    InsanityS Nov 27, 09
    But... boobies... boobies wouldn't lie to me, would they?
  • 0
    Slumpy monkey Nov 27, 09
    This game *bleep*ing sucks balls, I played for like a week and there was downtime all the time. The developers never spoke to the players at all. The game is unbalanced and screwed.
  • 2
    Xenctuary Nov 27, 09
    Play now my lord! Your slutty princess awaits!
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 Nov 27, 09
    I like the Plants vs Zombies parodies of the ads
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    Red 9 Nov 27, 09
    I did a google search for images of the game, oddly enough half the result pages are blank...

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