It just wouldn't be Final Fantasy XIII without Cid!
Japan's Shonen Jump magazine has recently revealed Final Fantasy XIII's pretty, pouty-lipped Cid Raines.
He is an officer of the Sanctum and wields a weapon similar to Lightning's, though he isn't entirely against the l'Cie and seems to have his own agenda. He also commands a fleet of airships and has an enormous one of his own.

Cid's subordinate, Rygdea (pictured in the screens under Cid), is the Captain of one of Cid's ships and apparently dislikes authority.
The old man in the scan is one of the highest representatives of Sanctum and devotes all his power to bringing peace to Cocoon.

The magazine also revealed Vanille's bizarre new earth summon, Hecatoncheir.

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  • 0
    Aussie Legend Nov 28, 09
    I gotta admit, that Hecatoncheir thing looks pretty badass.
    • 0
      Shuyu Nov 28, 09
      The only ass I see is Vanille's, the ginger tart.
      • 0
        Miss Razz Nov 28, 09
        Vanille's pose made me lol so hard.
        • 0
          Shuyu Nov 28, 09
          Putting it in context with a video I just watched of her VA describing the role as consisting mostly of shocked little gasps really... Well, I don't know what to think.
      • 0
        McClubbin Nov 28, 09
        Seems like she's really enjoying the ride.

        Cid looks pretty sick. I hope he's playable at some point.
  • 0
    Cantaloupe Nov 28, 09
    I have to admit, that pirate dude in the bottom left of that second scan was pretty badass.
  • 0
    Subzer0 Nov 28, 09
    Don't tell me that's Cid from FF7
    • 0
      Miss Razz Nov 29, 09
      Nope, it's a brand new Cid.
    • 0
      Shinikama Nov 30, 09
      Cid has been in every Final Fantasy game since... 2, I think? It's never the same guy, either. The name is a legacy. And sort of a running gag within the Final Fantasy universe.

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