The nature of technology dictates anything non-portable must eventually go portable, or so it seems. That's the case with the "N64Mini", created by modder Zenloc, now selling on eBay, currently at a $400 USD price point.

The N64 has been dead for two Nintendo console iterations now, but the dream for the portable version the company never created still lives on. We've seen plenty of homemade creations, but the latest from modder Zenloc claims to be the world's smallest at 120 x 200 x 50mm. As it turns out it isn't, the Retro 64 mod from earlier this summer is slightly smaller, but you'd need particularly large pantaloons to mistake either as pocket-sized. Sadly this one has ditched its D-pad in the quest to shave off a few inches, but we think it otherwise looks quite nice, and the modder hopes you will too, as he's put the thing on eBay -- humorously listed as "refurbished."

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    Lesley Pro_04 Dec 7, 09
    Someday soon Nintendo will get around to making something like this, albeit with graphics that will [hopefully] be competititve with the graphics of the PSP.
    Now THAT would be cool!
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      chautemoc Dec 7, 09
      It's called the DS, haha. Super Mario 64 was ported to it.
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        Xeros the Slayer Dec 7, 09
        Only it's a little more pixelated... and the cartridges don't have as much space.

        If it were good as the N64, I wouldn't have sold my DS out of impatiently waiting for a port of Ocarina or Majora's Mask... the two games I bought the thing for back at launch in the first place.

        Also Banjo Kazooie but that was bought by MS so there's not much of a case there.
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        BANDITO ATTACK Dec 7, 09
        DS graphics aren't really competitive with the PSPs graphics tho :\

        sm64 port was cool. i liked playing as wario
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    Slumpy monkey Dec 7, 09
    You could just buy a PSP and get an N64 emulator.
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    Aussie Legend Dec 7, 09
    Pretty sad that Nintendo couldn't figure this out...
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      Hideo1 Dec 8, 09
      Of course they could, they just wouldn't have been able to milk it as much.
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    gundambond007 Dec 9, 09
    Well its cool but why don't you make a portable ps3 and then it would be badass.
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    InsanityS Dec 9, 09
    Where's the Z button?

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